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I’m not pointing any fingers nor am I taking sides; I just think that a serious conversation has to be had among stakeholders about the type of competition we want the panorama to be. Is it about music? Is it about jam?   I have no beef with whichever way it’s decided, I'm just saying that we need to agree on what takes precedence over what so that everybody, including the judges and the man in the street, could be on the same page. Otherwise (at least me) will continue to be confused (make that flabbergasted) by the results each year.  In the golden era of panorama the score sheet clearly alluded to the fact that it was a musical competition; there was a category called, 'spirit of carnival’ for which 5 points was awarded. Arrangers like Bradley could have decided then to sacrifice 2 or 3 points in that category and go after the points for the music with which he mesmerized the world.   Spirit of carnival was incorporated into the arrangement category in recent years and from all indications now take precedence over all else. Let me say again, I have no problem with that; I'm quite aware that the only constant in life is change itself. All I'm saying is, if the thing has evolved, (like our soca music), then lets scrap the current score sheet and use instead one similar to that used to judge the power soca monarch. Then every arranger would know that he could ride a rhythm and win and not have to buss he brains with re-harmonization and all the other fancy terms stated on the score sheet. We could also create a new classification to cater for the several rhythm sections in the land - who knows, maybe Laventille rhythm section would win panorama in time to come.

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i love the wording of this post here. it's so well put together...lol! and i can say that it makes a whole lotta sense too... :-)

Very well said, but unfortunately I fear all our rants, rave, constructive criticisms, whatever's fall on deaf ears... Nobody cares or listens... d judges and parties have their ting (arrangement) they happy with it. so nothing ain't gonna change until something drastic happens...

   I agree that a lot of good panmusic has been notably absent in Panorama for a number of years

This makes too much sense for ONE POST...  WOW!! MM Perfectly said.. Sadly, the powers that be,(Well the ones that call the shots) Don;t like this website, so i doubt this will go further than here.... UNLESS>>>>lol

Until all bands especially the "BIG Guns" Decide to withhold/ withdraw from the savannah NOTHING else would change the minds of the Shot callers... But that day we shall never see.. Why? Somebody would always be on top and would never see the need for change until they hit bottom and then, Someone else would be on top and the cycle continues. So let's play the newest game of lottery in T&T Called PANORAMA!!!

ahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is sooooo true jeston. u on a roll with ur points these days bro! lol!

I agree Jeston. The "Big Guns" had their opportunity to take a united stand last year when the well orchestrated ploy to oust Renegades succeeded. Yes, they were all vocal; but why did they not down tools and refuse to play at the finals unless Renegades was included.

I can think of two million reasons offhand!

A L, no " BIG GUNS"would down any tools when it comes to panorama, with the kind of prize money floating around.Even in 1979 when it was agreed by the bands to boycott the panorama, certain "BIG GUNS" held a meeting at West India club in Maraval with CDC and some businessmen to still stage a panorama behind the back of Pan Trinbago.It did not happen because certain officials and supporters "took care" of the meeting.

Gerald Clarke, I have to enodrse Jetson's & A.L. Nunes' perspective, in that had the "Big Guns" walked their support rather than merely talking it, they would have taken concrete steps to "take care" of their own.  It was a salient and opportune time to display a united and unified front for the sake of Panorama, the art, and the pannists. The prestige of winning Panorama is knowing that when we competed with the best we were the best. That prestige was tarnished last year.  Would you not say?

Peter I know the point you're making, but I also know the people you're dealing with in this competition called panorama,being in it and among them for 47years.Each band thinks of it's own, the money to win the prestige and maybe some trip abroad.There are those who have actually said it, so where do we go from here?

There you go Jeston,that's it in a nutshell!


Music has been playing a lesser role in panorama for some years now.I know arrangers who say they want to play music but have to play what the judges want to hear in order to win.


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