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There are so many conflicting narratives even though we had (and still have) live eyewitnesses to this very recent history. Sometimes you get the feeling that every EGO wants to be THE ONE to tell the tale and dismissal of all other voices has become the norm.

One highly respected contributor to pan history stated that Trinidad and Tobago must surely have the most backward set of people producing information on the pan movement.

So are we reading backwardness and treating it as PAN GOSPEL?





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Aye Gons, ah was thinking you was a fake Gondoliers man if a lil cussin scare yuh off.

Gondoliers was supposed to be a badjohn band back in the day, wha happen to you?

Yuh get soft? (And doh blame de church or old age)

And Claude, yuh eh know Bede is a Chiney man? Ask all he women friends, dey will tell yuh.LOL


And BTW the best pan tuner that no one seems to know about was Milton "Squeezer' Lyons from Marabella.

And I remember a fella we used to call Tarzan swimming the oily Guaracara river to tief drums from the Texaco Petrotrin) Oil refinery.

Squeezer lived on one side of the river and the refinery was on the other side.

Ah was saying to myself whey Glenroy boy how come he not in this discussion. you finally decide to show up

eh Mr Joseph. the ting with Gonz is when he was a child he spoke and act like one but now, well let Aloes tell it.  

It's only Trini could change up the past, I taught this part of our history was established already but it look like we are getting an edited version now, I wonder how it will be next year?

Greetings and good morning. I have never met anyone on WST except for Ivan but I must say we are really one big family that is full of love. Thank you for being my extended family. Dr. Lance

 Greetings: The same factory used to make the Dudup drum  for the pitch lake company so that they could ship the bitumen overseas to pave the roads of the colonizers. We never paid for the drums. We also used the drum to save the rain water, too. We used to melt down the pitch and lined the inside of the drum so as to save it from rusting. The cooking oil dr/pan was the favorite for the "devil mas." As  a kid Antrovas used to sing"pay de devil Pay de Devil", pay him now." In my book In Jah's hands there are pictures of some of the drums that we got for free from Frank and which we converted into garbage cans for the people of Fyzabad. Dr. Lance

Lance, Now according to what you are saying they used to get the Drums that Factory, but when you say that it was Created at a Plant in Point Fortin you are leaving the impression that was tuned there. That is a different story. That story should be on another discussion like, "Where the tuners used to get the Drums from?" (my comment is due respect to you Dr Lance)

 Greetings Brother Bede: You are mistaken and if I gave that impression, then it is false. The drums were produced there. I still don't know who was the first to tune the pans in Point; still trying to find that answer and hopefully, when I go home in April, I might be able to get some answers. Guidance Dr. Lance

Dr Lance, that is what I was hoping you can clarify, it's a funny thing tho', with all the SOUTH people that are usually on these Discussions and I have never heard or mention about somebody Tuning the Pans there in those days .

Greetings When I go home I will ask Bostik ( Earl Rodney) if he knew of anyone. Bostik is older than me so I am using the logic he might have heard the older generation discussing this issue or might have observed the tuning of pan during that time.  I know of my contemporaries, that is Bostik, Springle, The Maestro, Abner, Tom, and Boots tuning pan.Guidance Dr. Lance

I assume all these names are from South?

The thing is, Trinidad is a small island, and we Trinis are copycats, so it will be real difficult to pinpoint the exact moment that anyone created anything if there isn't some official record.

Because once someone did something worthwhile, everyone quickly copied it

For example,between1965 and1966, some of the members of Southern Marines broke off and formed Scarlet Symphony, and Burch tuned some sweet double tenors for us.

I don't know if Marines had double tenors before that, but by 66 most most of the top bands had double tenors and high tenors.

I don't think it was that long after those pans were introduced by Bertie that most bands had them.

I know for a fact that City Symphony had Double tenors in 1962/1963 (it could have been before that)Bertie used to tune in the back of my Yard around St Paul Street by some people name Regis, and I believe Spongy (Cordell Barbour) was the 1st person to play (not beat, he never used to beat pan he used to play Pan) a Double tenor with 3 Sticks.This is what I know, so I will Believe this. 


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