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There are so many conflicting narratives even though we had (and still have) live eyewitnesses to this very recent history. Sometimes you get the feeling that every EGO wants to be THE ONE to tell the tale and dismissal of all other voices has become the norm.

One highly respected contributor to pan history stated that Trinidad and Tobago must surely have the most backward set of people producing information on the pan movement.

So are we reading backwardness and treating it as PAN GOSPEL?





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I do not Believe that Steel Pan was Created in Pointe, (If so, who was the tuner/maker?) If I had grew in the South I might Believe.

I share the very same view of Mr Gittens.The Pan evolution was a spiritual movement and was not confined to Port of Spain, Point Fortin, Tacarigua or any one place.That creative energy sprang in all parts of the country simultaneously as how the spirit works.It is said that the first tune played on the Pan was 'Mary had a little lamb"  others claim they were playing  "Orisha" songs. A book by one of the few living pioneers of the Pan movement Mr Kenrick Thomas former secretary treasurer of NATTS forerunner to PanTrinbago and one who has garnered outstanding recognition by various institutions in T&T presents this view in a holistic way and has encouraged others to come forth to make their contributions to this discourse. .    

Kweku: I could buy the claim that the first songs played on the PAN were "Orisha Songs" because from what I have read it seems that a lot of the Orisha drummers just transferred their long developed drumming skills to the "fascinating music" emanating from the PAN.

There are many references to that "transition" and I also believe that PAN has its own indomitable spirit that towers high above any ONE INDIVIDUAL.


Bertel:  I was coming to lime with you for the carnival, but now that Dr. Lance bus' the mark on yuh -- ah change meh mind boy. You and Cecil could lime TOGETHER!!!


This video clip should help support your claim...Birth of The Steeldrum.



Thanks a lot Claude. As you know this instrument makes a profound connection with mother Africa. Trinidad and Tobago has been BLESSED and highly favored. Pan is even more precious than our oil, gas and pitch since these can be found in other parts of the world, whereas no other country can lay claim to the Pan.We MUST preserve,protect,and treasure this blessing for generations to come

Please e-mail me @ Asia0004@aol.com. .. .    

KWEKU D, agreed. I born and grew up in Woodbrook, in the middle of all the action and all the arguments and would never claim that Pan is a Woodbrook invention although lots of work on the instrument took place there. The blessings of the Pan/Carnival creative Spirit consumed the entire country at the time. We have been so fortunate for this in this country. This good fortune is killing us as a people presently!

Don't know where pan was created in TT Whether east , west, north of south , all I heard growing up it was behind the bridge. Winston Spree was the name I heard in those days. Being from south I never heard it was Point Fortin, the only time Point Fortin was mentioned was when Alan Gervais name was mentioned. Bottom line for me is in my opinion who cares where as long as it was in Trinidad, after all whether its from Moruga or Petit Valley that is trivial . That's my take on this.Lets all be glad history books have it being the only acoustic instrument invented in the 20 th century and it was invented in Trinidad and Tobago. Blessings.

Winston (Gons): As far as I am concerned, the first 55 GALLON DRUM that was tuned to "make music" was done by a team of three people from TACARIGUA/TUNAPUNA and showcased by a player named CYRIL GUY who  was "most" instrumental (perhaps???) in the development.


Gons: I am glad to see that you came back and did not let the ABUSIVE CUSSING knock you off-center.



As is noted in Mr Thomas's book PANRIGA  " Tacarigua's contribution to the evolution of the Steelband Phenomena in Trinidad and Tobago " Cyril Snatcher Guy " who was inspired by an Orisha priest named Andrew "Run in" Beddoe was a virtuoso on the pan. Snatcher and several others formed the first Steelband in Tacarigua back in 1945 called the "Dead end Kids"  which was led by one Mack "Zorro" Thomas 

Winston, This is the first time that I ever heard that the Steel Pan was Created in Point Fortin .Dr.Lance said there was a Plant there, I can see getting Oil Drums from Point because of the Oil Industries, but then WHO USED TO TUNE/.MAKE THEM?

Greetings All yuh full ah comess; ah go  retain ah lawyer in addition to meh Obeahman.  Dr. Lance


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