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Is the Party Done? Compliments of “The Duvone” and “The Renegades”?

A Preemptive strike?

Armed with a song (Hookin’ Meh) that has captured the spirit and imagination of the country like few have in the recent past, one has to wonder: what was in those “extra large garbage bags” being waved by fans from the high-rise flats flanking the world-famous Renegades panyard, during their prelims presentation? Could it be that - The Duvone & The Renegades have already “bagged” the rest of the competition, for trying to take their love and throne away? Were they about to unceremoniously drop the rest of the competition in ah garbage bag without parachute?

Now Duvone is truly a good person and a cool cat, but based on the musical salvos we heard from the prelims - “The Duvone” sure ain’t playing nice (meaning he’s not taking any prisoners). And make sure you look up the original meaning of the word nice.

Like M’Baku’s famous line in the movie Black Panther, Renegades is letting all suitors for their throne know, “We will not have it!

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Armed with a song (Hookin’ Meh) that has captured the spirit and imagination of the country like few have in the recent past ....

It would be enlightening to see an informed LOCAL Calypso and Pan aficionado go through the history of PANORAMA WINNERS (Winning Panorama Songs) and attempt to compare levels of POPULARITY with this song.


Full Extreme was a total craze when it came out which was just two years ago. Any time you heard that song that season it was mayhem. I remember the DJ playing it over and over again on Renegades boat ride and thinking we might capsize. I am not there right now but I have a hard time believing this song has the same effect. But it is apples and oranges, this song is sweet and singable and has the prop element while Full Extreme made you jump around and shout we doh business...

At any rate once All Stars announced Full Extreme as tune of choice that year I knew it was a wrap.

De Party Not Done, Crazy as it seems, today is Semis and it now start...  And Duvone already has the Semis win with T&T Defence Force cap in hand, so more to come!!!


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