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According to reports I am getting from Tobago to Sangre Grande to Port-of-Spain to San Fernando to Tunapuna -- BEVERLEY RAMSEY-MOORE is running very high in the POLLS and has an excellent chance of becoming the FIRST FEMALE PRESIDENT of PAN TRINBAGO.

Other than hearing her call herself a "TRANSFORMATIONAL CANDIDATE" I have not heard or read her MANIFESTO. Nor have I have heard anything about her GLOBAL PLAN FOR PAN (my CRUSADE issue). But her name is definitely on the lips of STEELBAND LEADERS and DELEGATES and STEELBAND PLAYERS from Tobago to Toco to Town.

This surge in popularity by BEVERLEY RAMSEY-MOORE is extremely intriguing to me because from all that I see happening in the TRINIDAD SOCIETY and the STEELBAND EXECUTIVE and KNOWING THE CULTURE -- I would be more than shocked to see BEVERLEY RAMSEY-MOORE win THE PRESIDENCY of PAN TRINBAGO.

I am still waiting to see the OFFICIAL LIST of PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES!!!

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The name BEVERLEY RAMSEY-MOORE is no stranger to the Hustings. Some time ago she threw her hat in the ring but in the end SHE ALSO RAN. As a WOMAN she can safely throw her hands up! up! in ah de ear, oooops! AIR! and say ... IS WE TIME NOW... sounds like a political cry. So tell all dem bad boys this is the time for LOVE. Nuff blunders on the otherside. 

Pannists are still awaiting rembursement for 2018 Panorama. Even if she may not have testicular fortitude She needs a break. Let the music play. The fat lady is ready to sing. 

Beverley will make ah excellent leader of Pan Trinbago.

Cecil: Don't forget that yuh GOOD GOOD PARDNER KERON VALENTINE  is also running!!!

Everybody done know that if AQUIL ARRINDELL decide to RUN FOR PRESIDENT that I am running HIS CAMPAIGN.

Ah just waiting to see the OFFICIAL LIST of candidates and who want to hire me as a POLITICAL CONSULTANT!!!

When will we see the official list?

The SECRETARY (RICHARD FORTEAU) have all the lists and he controls them like a WHE WHE BANKER with his SECRET MARK. And now that the PAN TRINBAGO WEBSITE has crashed -- and I am suspecting the whole PAN TRINBAGO COMPUTER SYSTEM as well -- it is impossible to retrieve THE OFFICAL LIST OF CANDIDATES or THE LIST OF STEELBANDS ELIGIBLE TO VOTE in the UPCOMING ELECTIONS.

For this reason, we are going to have to DELAY THE ELECTIONS until we sort out all of these TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES.

Some people may call that DELAYING TACTICS on the part of FORTEAU and JOSEPH and DIAZ -- but I call it GOOD POLITICAL STRATEGY.

If Rowley could PULL THE PLUG on Roget and PETROTRIN -- I am sure that he could PULL THE PLUG on Forteau and PAN TRINBAGO!!!

She is the best right now and we all know that


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