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Israel Khan to Gosein (Be big and pull the 'Rowlee Mudda' song). Then i asked myself anybody ever told Crazy be big and pull 'Paul Yer Mudder Come.

Rowlee Mudda song is offensive and if we intend to start pulling songs, Then we have to start pulling songs that went before, all the songs. That is some of the remarks coming out of T&T from the high and the mighty to the Man on the streets. Yet i cannot remember anybody asking Crazy to pull his 1990 song 'Paul You Mother Come'. What is the difference between the two songs, Is one offensive and one is just slackness?

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O Isssssraael ... sounds typical if Israel. As usual batting in the crease of his lot. The difference may well be with respect to the RANK held by the characters. But then say what eh " We Like Tun Tun "? Lol

I've just listened to the song.  I don't see anything offensive in it.  Trinidad is famous for its double entendre songs so what's the problem here?

Ingrid: Trinidadians have a history of modifying the lyrics to songs when they sing them at parties or in the streets for Carnival or any kind of lime. So the intent is very clear here. And the song is offensive (structurally) since it goes too far off-track to tie itself into the extremely contrived hook (although that is a common trend in CHUTNEY).

Furthermore, if "PAUL" was a real person -- not a whole lot of people knew him. In the case we are talking about a SPECIFIC PERSON. For a few seconds in the story line, I had hope for its direction which vanished quickly. TRINIS are still very much amused by CHEAP WORD PLAY, but that does not work for me anymore.

Oddly enough, when I first read about the song I thought it was about "ROWLEY MURDER COUNT" -- which is a better connected story line. That I could have bought into a little better.

I think that I am intrigued by the music for the song but I don't know if I can bring myself to go back and listen to that aspect of the production. I think that with some good lyrics and the right modification of the music, CHUTNEY has a chance to reach some global audiences. But they have to stop singing about mundane country bookie village tales.

I know that I did not address the issue at Earl Richard's hand but that is how ONE SIDE of my mind sees this CALYPSO. Of course this CALYPSO will spur a lot of NEGATIVE FALLOUT which a lot of people have been waiting for.

Where have you been? Russell and Aquil are best of friends now and you missed the marriage ceremony.

I was in the corner, but decided not to speak out when the Minister  asks "If there is anyone who can find any legal course blah, blah, blah, please speak now or forever hold your peace" - LOL, LOL, LOL


watch nah, alyuh like real shit you know, lol. I must confess the wedding ceremony was nice. now that is over, next up is Mrs ingrid and I. I am muslim, so it is ok. 


Will DJ's and Steelbands play this  Rowlee Mudda song on the road for Carnival, After all when David Rudder sang High Mass there was a lot of negative fallout also, But Masqueraders jump prance wine sang and drink to the song, And a Steelband Nutones won  A Panorama with High Mass as their Tune of choice..

Earl: I bet you have NO IDEA why HIGH MAS became such a BIG HIT!!! The answer is: RACISM!!! But this is a PNM FORUM and PNM PEOPLE could only see CALYPSO through ONE LENS!!!

Boi, from the time yuh start callin man Mudda fight start.


The lyrics may not be offensive however the characterization of Rowley mother in the video for the song sure is. 

The use of black painted non negroe actors are offensive. Check out the link. 

good one!


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