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It is ironic that the only thing THE CIP wants to change in the PAN TRINBAGO CONSTITUTION is the ELECTION DATE -- which they want to MOVE FORWARD!!!

An obvious show of impatience to GRAB CONTROL OF PAN TRINBAGO. And if this required JUMPING IN BED with KEITH DIAZ -- so be it!!! Think about it folks: THE CIP IN BED WITH KEITH DIAZ.

But they are all underestimating the DESPERATION and TENACITY of FORTEAU and SHEPPARD. The meeting THIS THURSDAY is just another ILLEGAL MEETING -- so when they emerge on Friday waving THE CIP FLAG and running to the media mouthing off ... FORTEAU taking them right back in front the judge to dismiss the motions passed in the meeting.

That premature POWER GRAB by THE CIP threatens the LEGALLY SCHEDULED ELECTION IN OCTOBER -- and only GOD KNOWS what turbulence will arise over the NEXT FIVE MONTHS.

All THE CIP had to do was sit and WAIT OUT the  LEGAL TERM while building a voting bloc. But that GREED for POLITICAL POWER is all consuming and blinding.

Oh!!! Once again I forgot: THE CIP IS NOT INTO POLITICS!!!

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Citizen Claude

Leh we get a few things straight..Bright bulb that you are would know that Court and judgment is not about the Truth, it is about what can be proven.. please go and read the judgment again specifically.. Points 21 and 22....43 and 44

17 minus 9 will always equal   8...whether is hundreds, thousands or in our case MILLIONS. Pan players say early o'clock is dat DIS is the Year of Love ent....there is 9 million at NCC waiting to share... the newly elected executive of PanTrinbago shall have to decide how to cut. The meeting membership will have to decide how the remaining spoils will be shared....

this Special Convention meeting has been triggered specifically to make the amendment to the PTB Constitution in order to have early elections. The meeting membership will have to ratify the early election date which is the will of the membership, the supreme body of the association....The President of PanTrinbago wrote the Secretary of PanTrinbago, instructing him to circularise to the membership, notice of the Special Convention meeting this coming Thursday. The Secretary replied to the President 48 hours later, that he would not acquiesce to his request; that which is the will of the membership.

Lemme tell yuh something else, Claude,... just in case the quorum of the meeting on this coming Thursday is not met, the meeting would more than likely be reconvened within 7 days, so as just to ensure that when Richard Forteau and company go back to Justice Boodoosingh courtroom to say dat Diaz as President not following the procedural niceties of his judgment,...the record of correspondance and documentation between these two officers since his ruling will be clear to His Honor that beyond any reasonable doubt, the intent of this cabal within the executive of PanTrinbago. Whether the mediator will be appointed is left to be scene

Cancer is to cut out and treat radiation depending on stage it at....

Same with us at PanTrinbago.... I was telling you this long time brother Duvone Stewart down in TruValu supermarket in Diamond Vale before he and his team were throned Champions with ⁨Michael Marcano⁩ and Candice Andrews Brumant and the BP Renegades Orchestra marvellously touring crew representing TTO;....touring Europe as of this post.

We have to be serious and smart and focused about our business at PanTrinbago in this meeting on Thursday.


.. the date for the surgery to remove the cancerous executive of PanTrinbago.

Nice post, Gregory!!! Ah like the line where the secretary "would not acquiesce to his [the president's] request" and ah like the surgery yuh going and try to perform. But FORTEAU have ah BIG SCALPEL too, and he looking to surgically remove THE CIP and KEITH DIAZ from 14-17 PARK STREET.

Removing FORTEAU is not as easy as THE GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS crushing BOSTON or CLEVELAND in four or five games, yuh know.

The IMAGE OF FORTEAU presiding as PRESIDENT OF OF PAN TRINBAGO is starting to FLASH ON AND OFF in my CRYSTAL BALL. So you better be serious and smart and focused about your business at PanTrinbago in this meeting on Thursday!!!

Will do Claude


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