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The large bikini Mas bands have abandoned the Savanah for the Socadrome. The greatest steel orchestras in the world are playing to an empty Grand Stands at 3:00 am in the morning. And the streets of Port of Spain as Mr. Rubadiri Victor showed are empty on Carnival Monday and Tuesday. Maybe this is truly an opportunity for the steelband to go back on the road.


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It has been said "where there's a will there's a way" I don't think there's a WILL. 

David Rudder: Long Time Band sez it!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mClyoL2xjMc

It's not broken, It was stolen.

There may not be a "will" or a "way",it may be "broken",it probably was indeed "stolen",but for now it's certainly DONE ! The whole Carnival needs new blood and re-vamping.

Where is the Leadership, do they not see what's happening?

The government authorities has abandoned Carnival to commercial profits. We are not allowed to play MAS whereever we wish in P..O.S anymore. There is no encouragement from the ministry of Tourism to bring back creativity, design or steelbands to the streets so as to encourage real tourists to come to our island and "see" our mas - not play it like all the people that are coming just to fete and wine. The rot started from the top and has taken root across the grass roots now. A HUGE effort would have to be made now to bring back our Carnival and steelbands to the heyday of Trinidad Carnival. It will not happen just as drugs and murder will not go away either....because the general discipline and control and good people of strong will are not in positions of power to rid us of the "rats" and "fleas" that have taken over our sweet TnT. IT DONE GORN TRU!!!!

I agree with your every word, I heard the budget for carnival was $170 million and San Fernando got less than , $2 million, that means smaller cities got less, and they had smaller bands and better costumes. 

Good comment Char Burgess.

Its all over......its bag

Nappy Meyers said it. "Bring back the old time days and ways. Pan on trucks, rediculous. Pay money to watch bikinis,you might as well go to Maracas. The mighty Terror said,"Carnival is no good without steelband, so true. That's the fix,  pan on the streets with costume bands, simple. All democracies claim that they are, governments of, for and by the people, so these politicians are nothing but our representatives. We must tell them what to do,not the other way around,  so no one should be saying that you can't have mas down Frederick st and surrounding areas. Brazil has put us to shame.

Sherwin My Bro. A whole Lot of us Wants to Bring back the old time Days. which is Very Good. ''Question''. Why these same People reject Steel bands Playing Old Tunes at Panorama. 'We cant Have it Both Ways. Personally. I really do Love The Nostalgia!

Val my bro, I love you like a brother, even though a police feller looking like a younger you jumped out of a van wearing a steel helmet , broke up the lime , and chased me down back in the day.

But why do you always insist that re-incorporating the steelbands back into the Carnival is nostalgic and going back to old time days ?

Surely we can come up with new ideas and modern ways to achieve those goals.

To think otherwise shows a lack of imagination.

If pan people didn't have imagination we'd still be carrying pans around our necks!


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