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J’Ouvert is Not the problem, or a problem. It is the solution...

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: A look at the 2016 Brooklyn J’Ouvert Celebrations

Spice Isle Rhythm Jammers participate in the 2016 Brooklyn, New York J’Ouvert New York, USA - 2016 Brooklyn J’Ouvert was tremendous, loving, fun-sharing - and it was an exhilarating joyous event pricked by heartbreaking tragedy. Two young lives were lost in circumstances that will be forever linked to J’Ouvert. The J’Ouvert celebrations did not take these people’s lives - nor did it create the circumstances that took these two young people from us. In fact, it is safe to say, that if the spirit of J’Ouvert had touched the individuals who violated the sanctity of the celebration, we would be entertaining a totally different conversation. We, like most who attended J’Ouvert, were never aware that something dreadful had taken place until after leaving the event.

What transpired was a clear manifestation of the social and societal ills that surround our community and people 24-7. And moreover, until these issues are seriously addressed, Bad things can be visited on Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime.

Please check out the movie “State of Grace” if you get an opportunity featuring Sean Penn, for some perspective...
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"Ultimately, our communities, culture and people will be no more as the numbers of the new gentrifiers increase."

This process is duplicating itself in Black Communities all across America. At least you could still use the word "gentrify" -- in Brooklyn. In many cities (especially in border states like California) it is TOTAL DISPLACEMENT and TOTAL REPLACEMENT.


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