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On March 15, 2016, I returned to Japan without any idea of what to expect. Were my friends going to lose trust in me as a Trinidadian? Would they ever return to Trinidad? Perhaps they will never play steelpan again and discourage others from doing so. Was someone really going to try to kill me for revenge? These were thoughts that stormed my mind on my way to Japan as I reflected on the times I spent with Asami. When I arrived, I quickly realized that...

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Great article. Thanks for sharing and I do hope that Asami'a death does not become just a statistic and that her killer is captured.

And speaking of PANORAMA, Mia, I am looking forward to a dazzling ORIGINAL COMPOSITION from you for BIRDSONG in the 2017 PANORAMA; with a GOOD VOCALIST and some FRESH LYRICS!!!

Do they have pan in the Asakusa Brazilian Carnival Parade as yet ?


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