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Jeffrey Epstein VI Foundation funds USVI’s Rising Stars Youth Steel Orchestra

Jeffrey Epstein, Financier, backs most Inspiring Steelpan Youth Orchestra in the US Virgin Islands


USVI - One of the most successful youth orchestras in the US Virgin Islands is called the Rising Stars Youth Steel Orchestra. Based out of St. Thomas, the orchestra is a non-profit organization, designed to educate and inspire underprivileged students in the world of music.


The orchestra has just received critical funding from the Jeffrey Epstein VI Foundation. Known for supporting science research around the United States, the foundation also actively supports education and youth initiatives across the Virgin Islands.

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I am fortunate to have witnessed the growth of this band from its inception, having lived on the nearby island of Culebra, Puerto Rico, about 15 miles from St. Thomas.  What a spectacular sound at Carnival parade as sometimes 4 double decker trailers with more than 100 players, come down narrow main street between the buildings.  Also have had the privilege of befriending John Hodge and playing cowbell in the band with Justin Perry a former member of the band who now lives in the Boston area as I do.  Rising Stars is a real success story!

GREAT !!!!!

This is excellent. Congratulations to the executives and management of Rising Stars.


What a magnificent performance by the Rising Stars Youth Steel Orchestra who accompanied that equally gifted female singer. Wonderful story of the funding they received from the Jeffrey Epstein VI Foundation. May they move on to bigger and better accomplishments in their steelpan music career.

Fantastic singer and a fantastic band. Bless them!

I took notice of this band some time ago when I came across their rendition of "Toco Band" on youtube. It's now one of my all-time favorite *slow-jam* Panorama pieces. I always seem to come back to it.

See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UaQYiZRFooo and enjoy!

- Big Sid

Congratulations! Fantastic Concert.........

Jeffrey Epstein VI was investigated in 2008 in Florida for the solicitation of undeage girls for prostitution.  Beware parents!



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