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Newsday FEB 14, 2019

Gary Cardinez

"The preliminary round for large bands (North) for Panorama was nothing short of sensational. It resulted in Port of Spain being gridlocked on Tuesday evening as thousands of pan lovers traversed the streets."

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lets hope the finals can ATTRACT a large audience. Previous Finals were severely lacking
I mentioned having the preliminaries at the Savannah. The CDC many many years ago had everything planned properly. Until the 'eat ah food people came and mash up the system. Terrible to have a traffic gridlock for pan and meanwhile the savannah empty.

NOT ready for PRIME TIME..."The situation could not be helped as the police did not and could not have prepared for such a large turnout of people for the judging. This one was totally misread by the authorities."

     what else is new

 it will only get worse next year

very good information,

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