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Just The Facts: The Difference Between Large & Medium Steelband Categories - That ‘Share’ Button

Venture Capitalists + Steelband Categories - NOT!

Global - Just the facts - the difference between Large and Medium National Panorama Finals where it is key: in the minds and hearts of the People, the all-round supporters of the art form. And what does it mean for the future of Panorama?


It has been just over four days since WST (When Steel Talks) put up the results for the Large and Medium steel orchestras and there is a sizeable difference in the most visible of stats - ‘Shares.’ 2.3k for the Large steel orchestra results and 645 shares for the Medium band category. That’s a sizeable difference - the volume for the interest in medium competitors shares is a mere 28 percent of those for the bands which were in the large category. Regardless of how one chooses to look at it, those are very stark and powerful stats indeed. 

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What about your buddy Marcus Ash?


Let's see if she will challenge Dolley; AS SHE ALREADY made the North Park proposal for 2020. Large is large. Panorama is dead with the influx of the single pan and Beverley's commitments to community pan. What was the expenditure for the single pans and the small conventional pans from Semifinals to Finals and what was the profit and is it justified?

Well the Russians may have stole an election with this kind of data.  

The president of Pan Trinbago has some real business decisions to make.

The medium category must be removed from Panorama during the Carnival season. There is no place for the medium category. It will not be supported.

The choices are to merge it with the large band category and expand the large range to include 90 to 120 players or Kill the medium category completely.

Moving the medium to another day will not work. That was done before. It failed.

From a business perspective if the president can't make the right moves, the large bands might have to consider leaving Pan Trinbago. Yes, I said it. They need to take their marbles and go play someplace else.


How much steel bands have any of you guys managed? If you did why did you leave? Telling the new administration do this do that. To manage young people now is a heculian task. The effort to bring a band is rigorous, small bands can’t get to medium in this economic state, the same goes for the medium to get to large. Talk Mr Commentator talk. (Sic) the large might be thinking of reducing to medium as well. Wow!


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