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Keet Styla FKA "Designer" Remembers Ken “Professor” Philmore and how “Pan By Storm” was born

Trinidad & Tobago -  “Pro” and I first hooked up to do a recording when he was the featured panist on the song “Soca Pan” from my first EP in 1984 entitled ‘My Burnin Desire’. We would play clubs and showcases in NYC in places like Irving Plaza, SOBs and Dancerteria with my band. It was always pure joy having him play with us because of the energy, skill and professionalism he brought to the mix.

One Sunday morning in the fall of 1989, I got a call from George Victory and Pro inviting me to come down to the studio to record this song they were doing for Panorama 1990. I got to the studio and Frankie McIntosh was laying the down the keyboards, Pro was so excited because I believe it was the first single, his own composition, he was doing for carnival.

Ken ‘Professor’ Philmore, Cro Cro, Superblue and “Keet Styla backstage at the Theatre in Madison Square Garden 1992

He and George took me out in the lobby and sang the first verse and chorus of the song  then I went into the vocal booth at the platinum factory and cut the track “Pan By Storm.”  

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As a DIEHARD CALYPSO LOVER, I have never really been able to appreciate the CALYPSO VERSION of this song because I have always found Designer's voice to be a distraction to this song.

So what BOOGSIE should do is go back to the studio and upgrade the song -- plus find a GOOD VOCALIST to deliver the lyrics (a good vocalist is a hard thing to find in TRINIDAD). But he could try!!!


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