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Hi all, my name is Keith Byer and i am vying for the position of president of pantrinbago in the upcoming elections.

In the field of eight candidates, i am the most experienced, having serve as the vice president for ten years. I am also the only one with international experience in steel pan administration, having staged a Caribbean panorama in Grenada and a Caribbean junior festival in Antigua, which gave me the opportunity to work directly with Caricom and UNESCO. I was also responsible for the international conference and panorama from inception and was named project coordinator for the implementation.

I am the founder and president of Diatonic Pan Institute a registered non profit company; a registered CBO; and also registered with the national registry of Artist and cultural workers.

While outside of PanTrinbago, i have assisted and supported numerous steel bands both at home and across the Caribbean. I have demonstrated my passion for the movement by staging for the past eight years a steel band competition called steel in motion. designed to keep pan yards active after panorama.

I also produced a fourteen week program on the major television station in Trinidad which saw twenty four bands given an opportunity to perform, talk about their success and challenges but most significantly the program spoke to the importance of steel pan in the community. There is much more i can say about my work in the field but it will be revealed in subsequent post.

My team consist of Aquil Arrindell- vice president; Fuad Abu Bakr- PRO; Kerri Ann Walters -Treasurer; Khion DeLas -Education Officer; Travis Mulraine -Asst. Secretary..

Thank you for reading my post and i am appealing for your support to make our beloved organisation a viable entity.

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I have to think up some SERIOUS QUESTIONS to ask MR. BEYER!!! Because I don't want any headaches over the NEXT THREE YEARS. I only want PAN PROGRESS!!!

But first I want to say a word of thanks to MR. BEYER for TAKING THE TIME to come and meet some of the GREATEST PAN LOVERS in the world even if they do not vote in the election -- they are the BEDROCK of the propagation of STEELBAND MUSIC -- WORLDWIDE.

And since I am on that topic, I might as well ask Mr. Byer how he plans to integrate the TENS OF THOUSANDS of PAN LOVERS across the GLOBE into his PAN TRINBAGO ADMINISTRATION?

Let me take the opportunity to thank you for the welcome. i would also like to inform that my name is spelled BYER.

As you have rightly indicated, the tens of thousands pan lovers are scattered across the globe, and we would be looking to set up a network for them to share their ideas. One such network already. exist in when steel talks so instead of duplicating we would first discuss with the administrators of this network to explore the possibility of an alliance.  

Presently i have in my possession a draft charter for the formation of an international organisation. This will definitely be visited to organise pan lovers all over and give them a meaningful voice. Notwithstanding, we will be open to suggestions on all matters and would readily implement those that are feasible

Mr Byer: Sorry about putting that extra "E" in your name. I have 100 questions for you but I would like you to answer the question posed by MR. ORSON ROGERS before I continue with my questions and concerns!!!

Mr. Rogers is obsessed with "resignations" and getting membership to say "GO". What Mr. Rogers does not know is that there has to be a valid reason for someone to be voted out. It has nothing to do with likes and dislikes. How relevant is signing an undated letter of resignation?..This is not party politics.

Mr. Rogers must be consistent with his questions. Let him ask each team the same questions. So far one person answered and he is not satisfied. I guarantee that no one will have an answer to satisfy him.

Will PT give a financial report every two months? That is my question.

where are the people who were accusing him of wrong doing?
Here is a second opportunity to ask a question.

let me encourage you to don't be anyone mouth piece.
What is your economic/ financial plan to deal with the Pan Trinbago morass?
Will you say that definitely you will allow Membership access to the Forensic Audit Report ( you were part of the problem?)?

I was not in office when the forensic report was done, and it will be mischievous to say that i was part of the problem. Yes i will allow access and make public  the forensic Audit ( if it isn't destroyed), Dealing with Pan Trinbago financial mess requires a multi faceted prong approach. First is to slash wastage and abuse, starting with the president salary which will be cut to a bare minimum, also removal of all the bogus positions given to executive which is now being done as a way to siphon  funds.Their are a lot of other such areas that will be addressed. No financial decision will be taken  unless we are certain of our ability to pay. Approval limits with conditions will be placed on the president and all other approvals must be sanctioned by the executive. An estimate of our annual income through trending will be done and this will drive our expenditure. Funds will be set aside from this estimate for recurrent; non recurrent and investment expenditure and all will be on our ability to pay. We as a team has already identified a number of income generating projects from the office to the panyards.

Mr. Keith Byer,
I am afraid to say, from the start you mentioned association with the previous administration.
This is the same corrupted administration we are trying to replace. Endorsing you would give us more of the same mismanagement we have had for decades.
What I am interested in hearing, is what exactly you would do different and less about your personal achievements. It is good to identify yourself as most experienced to take the establishment forward however, this is what open elections are all about. Demonstrate why we need you back at the helm and not an injection of fresh blood.

Can you inform me where i mentioned association with the previous administration. I was one of the persons who publicly called for their removal. I had some association with them for the ICP and that was volutary work done for the betterment of the steelband movement. In addition, i was never at the helm, i served as VP to Patrick Arnold and i was ostracize  because i refuse to toe the line. So you can rest assured it is not business as usual.

Martin Maitland is on the button.
Love all of the questions.
don't make it easy for him.

Aquil, what stupidness you talking. That man is an agent. 

My past captain always told me "if you can do it good, don't do it at all" .


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