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KEITH DIAZ is a WICKED MAN!!! To tie up the Pan Players money in the courts because of his own avarice is a crime. And with all the education Dr. Dolly has, she lacks EMPATHY!

Allyuh  make meh listen to all kinda PAN this PANORAMA. And in between I listened to a few interviews. What I heard from several BANDLEADERS is that PRACTICE actually begins in NOVEMBER for the upcoming PANORAMA. Which dilutes the hourly rate (of the $1000 pay) and adds further personal expenses to the Pan Player's contribution to the band -- as opposed to starting practice in January.

And then you have these "two leaders" at the top putting the PAN PLAYERS on HOLD until THY KINGDOM COME.


And to those who love to say that STEELBANDS only learn ONE SONG for the PANORAMA. Please go back and listen to the latest VIDEO put up by WST where two of the most respected players from ALL STARS painted a different picture.

I wish that BUGS will stop acting like TRUMP and the REPUBLICANS and stop spreading all this FAKE NEWS on this forum.

Anybody seen GREGORY LINDSAY around?


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Any band that plays on the road both Monday and Tuesday has to learn more than one tune.

 great interview with pan trinbago president with rennie b

 the man is a true politician


If the reason for the cancellation of the show was given as "uneconomical to produce or the gate receipts derived from the show is.not self-sustaining" I would accept that

To simply report that the cancellation of the show resulted from the unavailability of funds collected by the NCC from the panorama, which was usually utilised to pay the performers is not acceptable/

Pan Trinbago must disclose

whether the NCC was approached to release the necessary funds budgetted for the expenditure?

what happened to the previous year's Champs I concert gate receipts bearing in mind that expenses were met from proceeds fromthe Panorama gate receipts?

Another indication that Keith Diaz and his cronies are WICKED is that Diaz used the collection of gate receipts by the NCC as an excuse for cancelling the Champs in Concert show.  

My understanding is that the NCC is collecting the gate receipts for Pan Trinbago to prevent the usual pilferage. Those funds belong to Pan Trinbago. Anything else would totally inappropriate.

The only difference between this and previous years is that Pan Trinbago does not have immediate access to gate receipt collections. If the claim is there are no funds to pay performers for the show, then WICKEDNESS is the real reason for cancelling the Champs in Concert show.

Before we start casting aspersions on any one, what about letting the facts speak for themselves. Why don't everyone obtain copies of Financial statements from Pan Trinbago over the last five years and letting some one with Knowledge in Finance explain the entire report  and compare the various annual reports so that this discussion can be a meaningful one...........


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