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Keith Diaz Pan Trinbago has Embezzle 256 Million Pan men money from 2010 to Present

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Juanitto: Yuh always telling me that I don't know this and I don't know that!!! But do you know that NOBODY on this forum doh care about no EMBEZZLEMENT or no CORRUPTION, All the people on this forum care about is PANORAMA IN DE SAVANNAH!!! And ah hear it is not even an honest competition since the SAME PLAYERS does play for DIFFERENT BANDS. But up to now the perpetrator of that URBAN TALE has not provided any factual evidence to support his claim. (It have some highly paid GOVERNMENT SPIES on this forum that does also accuse me of not providing factual evidence, also. But sometimes all you need is TWO EYES TO SEE -- if you really want to see.)

But JJJ you and me should combine our cosmic consciousness to see if we could bring some HONESTY and INTEGRITY into this BILLION DOLLAR misappropriation of GOVERNMENT FUNDING. While the PAN ADMINISTRATION remains ever so BANKRUPT -- whey the MONEY GONE?

Mi Amigo, I could care less about Diaz embezzzelment and corruption, I'm just letting U guy's know how much money passes through Diaz hands, where he also signs checks, I can also care less about ya'll "Danceorama" also called Panorama, because thats all they do, jump up and dance behind the pans, beat and not PLAY IT...


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