Kerri-Ann Gormandy Walters, the next treasurer of Pan Trinbago. military trained, disciplined with money, owner of a music school and together with Aquil Arrindell and Khion De Las, holder of a music degree. She thinks music education would bring year-round business to PT and we do need a woman that can be trusted to manage the organization's moneys. Choose your candidate wisely.

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  • Kerri-Ann Gormandy Walters.
    I applaud you for your success and would have voted for you if you were on another team of worthy administrators. I am very much on the fence by the man who wants to be your president, Mr. Keith Byer, As I explained on his post I would like to see a totally new team of people running Pan Trinbago. I do not doubt your achievements, but it pains me to endorse someone who could keep the same establishment but with different personnel. This in effect is a multimillion-dollar company and the resume of many of the prospective employees leaves a lot to be desired. No company in the world would hire under-qualified administration staff.

    • This relll fake!!! So you seeing someone who you think is a young competent person for the job but won’t vote for her because of someone else???? How that making any sense? Pantrinbago does vote individually..... SO HOW MR. BYER HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THAT!?!?!?!?!?!? I am almost positive that if she had been a young man you would have no such comment..... I don’t know if you think that the people who read these things are dumb or what but that comment is one for the trash! If we wanted to pick and choose from every one of the teams we could . I  support Mr. Sheepard but that doesn’t mean that I have to support his team. 

  • that is it y i like odw.

    you know where you stand with him.

    and he is a sucker for a pretty
  • No disrespect, no criticism for their credentials, EXPERIENCE counts, any evidence of converting a failing cultural/business operation into a successful, self-supporting independent entity? 

    We talking about utilizing millions in government funding and disbursements.

    Accountability, money management, decision making skills/abilities or any documented achievements?

    Best of luck...

    • I am assuming that the candidate has accounting qualifications (training and experience) because they are required for the position of Treasurer in a "company" that handles as much money as Pan Trinbago.

  • Educated youth is the way to go. Sometimes they doh like yuh when yuh too bright, allyuh know how trini does think. Remember: Stupid people create dictatorships. I gone or is it gorn? Steups!

  • Aquil: I cannot take NOBODY WORD about SOMEBODY ELSE!!! Let the YOUNG LADY come on THIS FORUM and speak for HERSELF. Me and Cecil want to ask direct questions and get direct answers!!!


    • What's impressive about this slate, they have creds, check 'em out. It's the reason why they put it all out there. It's up to the delegates to see, hear, vet and VOTE their conscience, if they're looking for betterment.

      So far, nobody eh criticize nobody........yet.

      Allyuh put yuh money where your mouth is.

    • Thanks guys allot of hard work goes into our vetting process. 

  • It makes me proud to see all these educated young pan people stepping up to the plate for this election, whatever the outcome I hope they see the need for a group to police Pan Trinbago. No more dictating but a partnership.

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