Khion Khadence De Las the next Education officer of Pan Trinbago
Definitely an overachiever for his age. What is wonderful about him is his humility. Very approachable and very accommodating. His law degree will definitely benefit the organization. Choose your candidates wisely.

Khion De Las for Education Officer
Member of Diatonic Steel. Holder of a BA and Masters in Music from the Northern Illinois University and LLB in Law from UWI. He is one of the youngest professors presently in the UWI Music department. He is an arranger, music judge and a performer who has recently released his music video etc. 

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  • Oh I know this dude. 

  • One of the strongest members of our Team PAN. Humble, intelligent, honest, hard working and musically gifted. I hope people can appreciate Khion's value. 

  • De Las shall be first.

    • wow, didn't know you had a sense of humor. i'm impressed.

    • Yuh let me down!!! We coulda work AS AH TEAM. Now you go get ALL THE CREDIT if dem FELLAHS WIN. And I go look like ah WIMP!!!

      • It's vetting after vetting, Claude. Gotta go with quality.

  • MERCER RAMDOO: I cannot believe that YOU and ME went and apply for the SAME WUK to MANAGE that TEAM and you beat me out for THE WUK and AQUIL hire YOU instead of ME!!!

    But, anyway, That is HOW ah PAN STAR should look!!!

    That man SHOULD BE RUNNING PAN TRINBAGO -- but he kinda young so let him settle for the EDUCATION OFFICER WUK!!!

    If yuh get TIRED and want to QUIT MANAGING that TEAM -- ah go take over DAT WUK with a CARIB IN MY HAND!!!

  • Cant go wrong with someone young, educated and gifted as this guy. If his creds check out, then what's the problem?

    Hey, sometimes they doh like yuh when yuh too bright, eh.

    Delegates: Pick no friend, Pick the right person.

  • do a back ground check, and see if he checks out Mr. claude.
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