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Khuent Rose speaks on the current New York Steelband situation


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My kind of intelligence. Thanks Khuent. Keep it up.

Good Theory, SIDD. But you do not just wake up one morning and start going from "OPINION" to "PURPOSE" because somebody suggested it!!! The human mind does not work like that!!!

Yes it has to be practiced for some time. Bad habits are not given up easily. It's an exercise in patience. However the first step is knowing the difference between the two. The pan movement is steeped in sentimental and emotional values especially coming from Trinidadians. Khuent obviously has a developed mind.

This is why I write these long posts with lots of repeated statements, so that those who have good minds will catch a glimpse of the difference between being sentimental about the pan instrument and really treating it as a professional music instrument capable of playing internationally and not only at carnivals and panoramas. That is its history. Now we need to extend it beyound those venues.
Should be required listening for steelbands. So far, very impressive, but I have to listen again.


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