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Large Bands moving on to 2012 Panorama Finals - Official Results

Large Bands moving on to 2012 Panorama Finals  

1 Phase II Pan Groove 268
1 Trinidad All Stars 268
3 Silver Stars 263
4 Exodus 262
5 Renegades 254
6 Redemption Sound Setters 253
7 Fonclaire 250
7 Harmonites 250
7 Tropical Angel Harps 250
10 Invaders


10 Siparia Deltones 246

Click for full results in the 2012 Large Conventional Steel Orchestra Semi-Finals rounds

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Are these judges on drugs?  Despers out of the finals, and Deltones in, thats like chalk and cheese.  The must be mad.  What were they listening to.  Did they go to the washroom when Despers was playing?  I'm really confused.  Tell me that they not just being spiteful to Andre White, as he was born in the USA.  The music was great!  Congratulations to Phase II, All Stars, Silver Stars, Exodus, Fonclaire, Tropical Angel Harps, Regegades, Harmonites, and Invaders.  Really cant understand how Deltones get in, Ah,  wait a minute, they hail from the Prime Minister's Constituency, and Despers from Laventille, must be it.  Politics boy!

Its called politics in the land of T&T

I concur! Despers should have made it to the finals. Andre White did an excellent job. Nevertheless, congratulations to the bands that made it to the finals. Kudos are also in order to the many young arrangers and female arrangers! Except for the judging, the art form is in good hands.

Such a shame, but you may be on to something. I can't believe Despers was left out in the cold.


TRUE DAT Dhanesh and you are an Invaders,,,maybe they had it in for Andre.......remember Andy Narell.....what do they have in common?

Tropical AngelHarps sound real sweet,  Ooooh Goooooooooosh!!!!!!!!!!


As sweet as when they played Earthquake eh

Trust meh Sarah! Clarence intro real bad , dem blazing.

3 South bands in de final - it could be an upset. . . .

Yeh Yeh. I am just peeved that the oldet band in South Southern Marines did not make the final of small bands

This is a big  shock . no Despers, invaders  10 , fonclair 7 , and All stars same point as Phase II, total madness

it is my vew that the power that,s be dont want pan music to evolve you must play the same thing over and over just change the tune dont try to put it on the international stage.now tell me what was wrong with Despers performance las night is it that  it is to jazze or is it the arranger dont have a name i will to see the judges score sheet,i will like to take time out to tell Andre dont let know one make you change your direction you are on right track i love your music you did with Despers like Bradly time will tell keep up the good work god bless they cant stop you. 


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