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Large Steel Orchestras Take Control of their Live Stream Broadcast and Production

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When your competition is Shakira and J-Lo on Super Bowl Sunday - You had better come with an A grade production...

Trinidad All Stars Steel Orchestra during its 2020 Panorama preliminary performance

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - In an effort to showcase their franchises to the world in the most professional and positive light, several large legacy steel orchestras again took complete control of the Panorama Prelim broadcasts from their respective panyards. Most notably, Trinidad All Stars, Renegades and Desperadoes employed the services of professional streaming companies/videographers to live-stream their performances before the judges and fans this past weekend.

And competition for ‘attention’ and visuals was as stiff as it will ever get. They were going against America’s NFL Super Bowl LIV, with J-Lo and Shakira as half-time musical artists.

....getting your Prelim video production and video stream correct can go a long way on how the world of Pan views your organization and its musical and promotional prowess.
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