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Launch of the Canadian Federation of Steelpan
The Official Launch for Canada’s first national Steelpan organization

 The CCAH (Canadian Caribbean Association of Halston) Steelband from Oakville, Ontario

Ontario, Canada - The Canadian Federation of Steelpan (CFS) invites media representatives to attend the Official Launch for this national organization whose mission is to promote education, collaboration, communication and awareness around the art form called “Steelpan.” The Canadian Federation of Steelpan will also work with local organizations to produce Steelpan Festivals across Canada.

....Media representatives are invited to attend and learn how we will educate the public about steel pan, and provide seminars for those interested in learning about this wonderful instrument.
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Is this organisation an umbrella body for all steelpan organisations in Canada, or is this a replacement body for the already existing Ontario Steelpan Association
The Canadian Federation of Steelpan will also work with local organizations to produce Steelpan Festivals across Canada. >>
It's good that they're more interested in organizing festivals,... as opposed to 'competitions", which is so last century.

I really like the idea of a National Federation forming to help the furtherance of Steelpan across Canada.  

I would like to think that existing Canadian Steelpan communities of bands, tuners, teachers. arrangers, and even individual performers all across Canada may become members of this new trans-Canada Federation, including the OSA as representative of the Ontario Steelpan community. 

A Federation is composed of member organizations. 

The OSA is a long-standing service organization for the furtherance of Steelpan in Ontario.  Similar bodies exist in other provinces; and the CFS may help engender such organizations in other provinces where one does not yet exist. 

The Canadian Federation is not being formulated, so far as I can tell, to replace any existing Provincial bodies, but rather, as its purpose states, to promote collaboration, communication, and awareness.  In addition, it intends to foster education programmes with their subject area being the art form called Steelpan.

Whether it becomes an umbrella body for all Steelpan organizations in Canada remains to be seen; but that too would be an admirable agenda for it to set for itself over time if it becomes successful in its original aims.  In the meantime, it can help the Steelpan community all across Canada collaborate in hundreds of different ways as a central conduit for national Steelpan activity.

The Canadian Federation of Steelpan (CFS) ......the agenda is simply to do something for Pan all over Canada......not limiting itself  to Festivals, but in a broader sense reach out to all spheres and ideas  that involve the Steelpan
I support anyone or Organizations that promotes Steelband and its music in a positive way. Good Luck! Long live the Steelband. Give Thanks.


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