• Amen. I echo all the sentiments expressed by James Martinez. Lawford Dupres is the only person for this job. Pantribago will never have a better leader. Lawford will bring business acumen, integrity, leadership, vision, cultural literacy and respectability to this organization.
    • Lenox: No DISRESPECT!!! But yuh sounding like ah NEXT PRESIDENTIAL CANDIATE dropping ah set ah BUZZ WORDS on we. I will be doing some vetting of all the candidates as the week progresses. So I want you come and REPRESENT YOUR CANDIDATE when I MAKE MY CASE -- AGAINST HIM!!!

      • Full disclosure...I have ABSOLUTELY NO interest in being a PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE.  As I said before, I am supporting Lawford Dupres.

      • No disrespect either, Claude.  And none taken.  I and others have already expressed our views and made our case for Mr. Dupres’ candidacy.  Perhaps you should be making a case for whom you support rather than trying to make a case against Mr. Dupres.  Please tell me whom you support and why.  Then I and others will be able to compare and make a decision on why we are supporting someone.

  • Taking Pan Trinbago forward

    Candidates reveal plans for...

    All the candidates came with their plans to fix the organisation, some with a slate, others as independents. There were pie in the sky proposals, some to immediately restore the downward spiral of the organisation and some for long-term results.

    But the reality is that not one of the candidates except Darren Sheppard (present executive) seem to know what is happening inside the organisation.

  • Lawford Dupres is the best man for the post, period. There is no one better positioned to head up the organization. His management skills, coupled with his passion and deep love for pan, makes him an excellent candidate for President of Pan Trinbago. This is the caliber of leadership we need in the organization. We would be foolish not to choose this excellent candidate, whose competence to head up the organization beyond question. This is the man for the post. I believe he would bring respect, confidence, and transparency back to the organization. Let's make him our choice for leadership. There has never been anyone thus far, who is better suited for the position than Lawford Dupres.
    • Well, Robert Amar is also well suited for the post but you know how things does go in T&T. It really has nothing to do with qualifications.

  • Mr. Dupres also handled Panvesco. He needs to be an adviser because of his business acumen.
  • Whoever wins the presidency,(if not him),needs to have Mr. Duprey on board as and adviser to the central executive.
  • Robert Amar and L. Duprey unfortunately would be ruled out because they may be honest and trustworthy, they may know something about business and administration too. Wrong attributes. Don't qualify. I'm just saying.

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