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FORMER executive member of Pan Trinbago Keith Simpson told the Express that attorney Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj was supposed to file an injunction yesterday against Pan Trinbago on his behalf, preventing the organization's general elections from taking place on Sunday.

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Cecil Boi, ah hope yuh reading. Obama have to send ah DRONE to get Diaz out of that 10 MILLION DOLLAR a year J-O-B.

Claude, it's time for new faces in the CANDY STORE.

How clean are the new faces, Cecil? Was anyone questioned re their honesty and integrity? Again, I hold no brief for the present administration, but do we just stick anyone in there w/o vetting or even wetting?. Take yuh pick.

Threat to stop Pan Trinbago elections

Trinidad Guardian

Pan Trinbago secretary Richard Forteau was given up to 10 am on Monday to accept four representatives of steelbands to contest the elections. Forteau failed to respond, despite receiving notification on Friday that legal proceedings would be initiated otherwise. After the four submitted their nominations to Forteau, he told them the forms were invalid because they were not named as delegates of any member steelband.


The quartet is Keith Simpson, Denise Hernandez, Maurice Alexander and Steadson Jack, who are contesting the posts of treasurer, external relations officer, education officer and trustee, respectively. The four have sought legal advice from Senior Counsel Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj and on Friday a legal letter was sent to Forteau to say that if he did not include their names on the list of candidates, an injunction would be filed to stay the elections.


When contacted on Saturday, Forteau said the documents, sent via fax late on Friday from the law firm RLM & Co, were incomplete and that he would consult his lawyers. Numerous calls to his mobile phone yesterday were unsuccessful.

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Pan Trinbago have to appear in high court tomorrow Thursday 25th Oct.2012 at 9 am

Who ever is pardners with the judge go win this case.

Claude, ah tell yuh already but ah go tell yuh again, not all Trini is crook, maybe 99% but thank GOD we have 1% ah righteous people, I am in D 1%. lol! 

This is so unfortunate, that challengers to the current incumbents must go to court to have their right to contest an election settled. From the information gathered, Mr. Patrick Arnold, the former President, he too had to seek legal advice in order to contest the last election. One would think that the secretary of Pan Trinbago would have learnt from that last episode, he does not have the authority to reject any nomination form, but yet he persisted.  I would like to know that if the moneys spent on all these legal fees were coming from his pocket if he would have continued down this road. ($800,000.00 in last years annual report) Pan men/women must take a stand that enough is enough, as it is YOUR MONEY that pays all these legal fees.

Slowly, the membership is losing their right to speak up, losing their right to participate in an election.  Is this the signs of a creeping dictatorship?

Maybe some are in their positions for too long, making them feel they own the organization.

The PRESURE is on Pan Trinbago and Keith Diaz slate. Pan Trinbago secretary Richard Forteau said yesterday evening that he had been issued with a summons to attend the Port-of-Spain Eighth Court at 9:30 today.

Forteau, leader of Courts Laventile Sound Specialists, said an injunction had been filed on Pan Trinbago yesterday morning to stop the organization's triennial elections, scheduled for Sunday.

Pressed for further comment, he said, "I have been instructed by my attorney not to make any comment to the media on this matter" If successful, the injunction would debar Pan Trinbago from going ahead with its elections, scheduled for Capital Plaza, formely Crowne Plaza, in Port-ofSpain.

The injunction was filled in the wake of Pan Trinbago's claims that nomination papers filed by four aspirants to post were invalid. The quartet comprise former executive member Keith Simpson, and Denise Hernandez, Maurice Alexander and Steadson Jack.

The four are candidates on the slate named the New Visionaries, led by Tobago's Beveley Ramsey-Moore, the main challenger to the incumbent executive led by Keith Diaz. Call to Diaz's phone yesterday went unanswered.

Article from Guardian newspaper Thursday, October 25, 2012

Andre, keep us informed

Hi guys, I understand that there will be no elections on sunday. The judge granted the New Visionaries the injunction. Breaking News.

I received a Phone call informing me that the election to be held on Sunday is postpone until further notice and a court hearing is set for 3rd December.

Great move by the New Visionaries...........


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