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Lennox Bobby Mohammed 75th Birthday Celebration tomorrow!

Yes, the great man will celebrate his 75th Birthday tomorrow. We will be joining with His Worship Alderman Junia Regrello at the Skiffle Pan Theatre to celebrate Bobby's Birthday. No way we can truly reward him for his outstanding contribution but he has graciously accepted our invitation and is most appreciative of the offer. I invite all the experts on the forum to offer their greetings and give us an insight on their personal perspective on the contribution of Bobby and Guinness Cavaliers!

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Happy Birthday...Bobby...One of the GREATEST arranger of all times....Keep PAN Alive...I had the opportunity to play under Bobby guidance....A reel Leader....

Hello Bobby

Happy birthday to you. I went to New Zealand early this year with some of your old   members of your band for a festival. Recently we have about 10 steel bands in Australia. They should bring you out here to be a judge in our next festival in Australia. Again Happy Birthday.

Courtney Leiba

merrytonestothebone: Fortuitous, indeed!!! Make sure that you go down in that BIRTHDAY PARTY tomorrow.

Meet, greet, mingle and network and tell BOBBY about THE PROJECT -- and we never know how the cards may fall after that!!!

Fortuitous indeed...But I doubt I will be able to make it down to the celebration though...Already have plans for tomorrow night...

Yes man! Happy LXXV Mr. Lennox "Bobby" Mohamed. Would you all believe that although the National Panorama Finals were held at Skinner Park, San Fernando in 2007 & 2008, PanTrinbago did not acknowledge Mr. Mohamed who is a native of San Fernando. Mr. Mohamed and Steel Orchestra, Cavaliers is the first team to deny another arranger/band from getting a hat-trick at Panorama. He is also the youngest person to arrange a winning panorama tune at 22 years old and also the youngest to win 2 panoramas.  Mr. Lennox Mohammed arrangements placed Cavaliers 3rd at the Music Festivals of 1964, 1966 & 1967; won Panorama in 1965 &1967 and placed 2nd in 1966 & 1969. "Bobby"  has over 70 recordings of Cavaliers.

Thank you "Bobby"   


Thanks Claude Gonzales, since I am now on facebook, I seem to be neglecting WST (lol)

Mr. Mohamed was a genius. He arranged "Carmen" in 1966, by merely listening to the recording. He said he never learned to read music. He has also composed 2 classical pieces, "Galapade" and "Revelations from beyond"

Happy birthday Bobby! You brought south pan to the forefront and made us proud! Those were heady days and still have some memories although I was only a young lad of 11 and 13.

Rawle and Courtenay: Thanks for your CONTRIBUTIONS on THIS TOPIC!!!


An Interview with Lennox Bobby Mohammed

Allyuh mean that NOBODY could not come on THIS FORUM and give us a LITTLE UPDATE on how the BIRTHDAY PARTY went down? In this day and global media age?

Please, somebody!!! Give us a little report!!! Even if is the MAYOR of SANDO ... please!!!


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