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Will Massy Trinidad All Stars have the guts 
to dance into the Final Night lead?

by Dalton Narine

Every once in a while there comes along a man so multi-talented in the arts that no one specific field can satisfy his creative energy.

An old saying has it that nothing concentrates the mind like the threat or thought of defeat.

All dramatic stories involve conflict. Typically, the narrative will open with some sense of a normal society, as in Smooth and Trinidad All Stars devise enough strategy to improve their Game.


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This a great article Dalton. But Desperadoes and Renegades got this.



This one just might be a most interesting RAMA in years. Let us leave it at that and enjoy the run. That way we'd all welcome the drama, then watch it stream across the night sky, people dancing like they ent care, until the score sheet send the audience home, some shaking their head and others drinking and laughing. Me, I see it as an opportunity to revel in the dark about the bright scenes and shows we put on for the world. I first heard pan in Gonzales when I was a mere toddler, the band coming 'round Hubert Lane, people leaving their homes to jump in the line and singing the band's song, Oh, Thelma Pom Pom, and I had to wash out my mouth, else no Christmas toys. To think that I would be deeply involved in Pan's birth, teething, mouthing the risqué sounds in class, now reminiscing about the Classical music Bombs the band shared with  revellers on Jouvert -- now, all of that coming full circle as we damn well will celebrate our supreme, multi-ethnic worldwide and wholesale vision of the ping pong, all dem longtime sagaboys jumping on . . . ha, you know the drill (the song) and now its deep history. The history, to me, is more important, Bugs. Think about it. Look what Trinidad & Tobago had achieved in the post-war scenario down at the Marine/Naval Base. Not only working for the Yankee dollar, but also admiring how Pan taking shape among the dregs. See you in a band, Buggs. Any steel band, you hear!


Good Luck!! All Stars

All Stars forever...

Cool Smooth… I just don’t understand why a man of your potential has not received any accolades from the government or a doctorate from UWI. When you have achieved as much as you and done so much to bring happiness; innovation and a true party atmosphere to the savanna stage it is mind boggling that your name is not in the hall of greatness.  For a man to take a 10-year hiatus from the panorama and still level with Dr. Jit is unbelievable. Could you imagine how many wins you would have achieved had you been here during the ’90s when Jit; Clive and Robbie reigned supreme?

Trinidad all stars can vever be left, out its, the town band , always a threat,


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