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Allyuh know how everybody is ah expert in pan, ent? Well, before all dem pan expert start wastin de whole ting dong ah want tuh say dis:                                                                                                                                                                          Ah new idea is like ah seed. Yuh plant it, water it, give it time tuh grow, give it fertilizer, an see if it bear fruit.                           Dis new idea fuh Panorama, like all new ideas, have advantages an disadvantages.                                                              So ah tink dat we should let dem relevant people i.e. Pan Trinbago plan wha dey want tuh do, implement de new plan, evaluate how it went after Panorama 2020, an den decide if if should continue, if is should be dropped, if it should continue wit changes, if it should be replaced by ah total different concept or whatever...                                                                        Wha we doh need is dem fresh-water Yankee, who does run ah hate campaign against anyting from Trinidad, tuh shut up an let de people, who been elected tuh run de show until de nex election, do dey wuk.                                                           If dey eh deliver, dey should get vote out an ha new set ah people could try an see if dey could improve tings.

I am with you (and the new PanTrinbago Leadership) all the way. Massage the ideas, look at the pros and cons, especially in terms of cost/benefit analysis, make rational decisions. It's a new day for pan. All hands on deck. Constructive criticism only.

  1. I wonder what de fresh water Venes have tuh say bout dat? They have opinions too yuh know. BTW what's a fresh water Yankee?? Would that be someone who went to the US, studied , and now have sumptin tuh say? or a deportee? Help meh here.

Mercer: For PANORAMA 2019 the FRESH WATER YANKEES stepped up and bought the PAY PER VIEW FEED putting some money in PAN TRINIBAGO POCKET. Well with that they gone mad because they feel that they have a cow to milk.

So they decide to have PANORAMA PAY PER VIEW in OCTOBER and NOVEMBER and DECEMBER and JANUARY and FEBRUARY and MARCH if Ash Wednesday Fall Right.

But at the very same time DEY CUSSING the FRESH WATER YANKEES!!!

I say PANORAMA is a SEASONAL TING -- so we go how that work out. Of course is the GOVERNMENT who funding all the projects so PAN TRINBAGO cannot really LOSE!!!

We go see in DECEMBER!!!

You said it Bro; lets see how things work out before making comments.

Okay, me eh have nutten tuh say until December.

People comment to prevent the, If ah, coudda, shoulda, woulda.

The Christmas season is already contaminated, so let's leave it alone, let d Paranderos flourish. My contention is dat PANORAMA should b held outside of Carnival. However I am not prepared to defend dat now. What I will say is dat the preliminaries should b held in cashment areas,with bands within a certain district & environs from Single to Large assembling there and performing with judges 4 all d categories present. These prelims should be televised. Panorama should b auctioned off to d highest bidder. Make every prelim a show in its own right.Package it so it doesn't go beyond 2 to 3 hours. Semis & Finals, same thing. Bands in Tobago stay in Tobago,South ,North & East bands ditto.Have judges in each category present at each venue. This is the age of TECHNOLOGY.All judges at all points in each category should critique each  performance; add all d points 4 each band. The only people with heavy logistics problems, will b d Radio & TV stations who will have to dispense crews & equipment to each location. Dis will severely lessen d cost of TRANSPORT both for players & equipment,& 4 shipping 2 & from Tobago,plus hotel accommodation. Nobody would b able 2 complain bcause everybody will have live judges and off-site judges. Bias will b lessened.It is difficult enough having 2 or 3 bands coming from Tobago for semis & finals far more to have a whole category competing in Tobago.


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