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Meet Councillor Anil Juteram, The UNC chairman of the Sangre Grande Regional Corporation in The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, who showed up at a protest in solidarity with unmasked protesters (at 10:00 pm last Friday evening), shouting at the top of their voices, in very close proximity to each other.

Anil did not consider the science which is evolving around this novel disease, as more data becomes available. The science and data which is pointing in the direction of increasing asymptomatic spread, and is now of primary concern (at this stage of the exponential explosion of infections of the disease in many jurisdictions) to research scientists and healthcare professionals globally managing this pandemic.

Anil did not do the responsible thing and encourage his burgesses to practice social distancing, and cooperate with the authorities in their efforts to contain the spread of this virus, and return peacefully to the safety of their homes. 


The team appointed by the government is doing an excellent job managing this crisis. The number of new cases daily is relatively stable on average, although as testing becomes more widespread, it is expected to increase. However, as long as the population adheres strictly to the government's mitigation measures to contain the spread of the virus, the incidence of new cases could be stabilized and progressively decreased as these two (2) models suggest...

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