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How about letting the arrangers  of the bands in the finals be the judges.

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Great idea, Cecil!

If i) musicality and ii) powerful presentation on stage are criteria for points in a Panorama competition, then who would know better?

Specifically, I would cite such  illuminaries as Ray Holman, and I cite Queen of the Bands as the prime example.  Sadly, Bradley is no longer with us, but obviously he also would have been a candidate.


Buh wait! Cecil, boy, yuh aright? Yuh head ok? Ay Ay! yuh go have to explain whey yuh comin from, because it songing like dotishness! ;-)

No need to explain anything to you Brian, seeing that it is dotishness.

Cecil, how can they be the judges and their bands are performing?   That is a clear conflict of interest.   You want to cause a riot.

Sam, they won't be judging themselves.

Cecil: Would the inclusion of pan arrangers, not affiliated with any of the local participating bands be a wise alternative??

For example, proven pan arrangers from England, Canada, New York etc. with two based in TNT?

If there is ten bands performing there will always be nine judges because each arranger will be on stage with their band, they will only be able to judge the other bands.

That sounds like a reasonable way around the "conflict of interest" problem, Cecil.



I think some of the judges at present are pan arrangers from foreign, why I made this suggestion is if the arrangers judge their colleagues how can anyone say the judges thief of they don't know what they are doing.

Cecil My Bro. With all due respect. I think that idea is not a well thought out one. It's reminds me of an old Calypso By the Late Great Spolier called Magistrate. Where there was a Magistrate who had to try his own Case. It really don't make much sense. I always look forward to Your Discussions, but this is ridiculous. Please explain how this will work and how fair and effective you think this will be.

Valentine: THIS JUDGING BUSINESS giving people such a headache they are becoming desperate for solutions. Arrangers are mostly playing arrangements; just snippets of the calypso and the rest is layers of anything that comes to mind. All the different styles and low-popularity songs that are going to be played on Saturday Night will again result in MASS CRITICISM of the JUDGES.

ALL STARS and PHASE II have the biggest fan bases -- so however the top three is derived the methodology will be severely criticized because there will be thousands of very unhappy people.

As long as BOOGSIE lose -- I happy!!!

Gonzo My Bro. I think the main Problem with the Panorama Music that we have now is that the pieces that are made for Panorama don't have the Melodious Sounds as the pieces of the Past. Today's Panorama Pieces are very Forgettable. One of the biggest Problems is the Composers are not as thoughtful as they can be. Everybody Rushing to do a Panorama Piece. There is no Substance, hence the Reason why their Music don't Last. This is not what Ray Holman had in Mind.


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