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Lets be positive towards our young Panmen and Women dinosaurs belong in museums

Our Young people in Steelpan is doing lots for pan today way more than what was done yesterday, yet we have a dinosaur, George Goddard who call himself Ghost that knows nothing bringing down our young men this must stop. Especially as he does NOTHING for pan. His father will be shame of him maybe he should change your name. This is what he come to ..... bring down young panmen and there work. His Father fight for Panmen and there work and he is doing the opposite SHAME SHAME SHAME, this is NEW TIMES we live in and panman today is advancing and his father would have fight for that as well ... man he should check himself. I am SICK OF READING his rubbish. Today on these young people FB you will see what they did today check below. What have he "Ghost" done today other than bring down our young people, they are the future we must respect and uplift them that is what BIG people do. EPAN people PHI people Indigisounds people keep on doing your thing I LOVE IT because Pantrinbago is not doing anything, the Government not doing anything.

In the NEWS today

The Science of Steel Pan 
From oil drums to a soul vibe, experience the remarkable musical invention of the steel pan featuring The Toronto All Stars Steel Orchestra under the direction of Salmon Cupid, inventor of the e-Pan.
    Performances in the Rock Paper Science Hall, Level 6 at 11:30, 1:30
    Hear first-hand details from Salmon Cupid in Hot Zone, Weston Family Innovation Centre, Level 6 at 12:30, 2:30


Indigisounds - Alternative Steelpan Solutions - debuted in New York City earlier today, Saturday September 28 at IMSTA FESTA NYC 2013, utilizing keyboards, and also the PanKAT as a controller with a tenor-pan layout in fifths - as the interfaces.


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Pan King: I am glad that you moved the battleground away from the WST news report RECOGNIZING and CELEBRATING the work done by these two young INDIGENOUS SONS.

I don't expect everybody to agree on everything, But I will tell you something, George and I have disagreed on a lot of things, but I have learned a lot from him (I am older than him). Yes the young people ARE doing a lot for Pan but if things were not done or started yesterday we would not have been able to do the things today. I am sure The Ghost does not expect you to agree with some of the things he says (or everything he says) But at least he does not insult an innocent woman (Catt) on this Forum like you did, and up till now you have not even apologized to the lady, (if you did, I stand to be corrected). Is no way I can have any respect for you Pan King, at least make a public apology to her, thks my fellow member.

LOPEZ - is it ok to insult a man ? A dinosaur like myself dont think anyone should have to put up with insults but sometimes people have to see how it feels so that they will not do it to others. If you dont know Lopez some people have no respect for humanity, just this 2013 Panorama George Goddard had some hateful and racist comments for Mr. Andy Narell in the middle of Panorama he never apologized for that or for anything he said to Mr.Cupid. People today have to start to show some benevolence to each other. I only said something after I had enough. For people who love pan and do not know there stuff you can learn from anypanman but me I still play and I am around every panorama so when he start to talk I just laught because sometimes he is so outdated its a shame he is just going on his perspective or what GOOGLE told him or his father book. We are to small a group to have this kind of hate. Catt have to show people respect and she will get respect.

Pan King, I could deal with somebody Cussin and fighting a man but not a Woman, It's just like if a woman hit me,  especially a timid woman like Catt,  I could not see myself hitting her back, it's advantage, that's why I would like you to just apologize to her, (And I cannot remember Catt insulting you). thks my fellow member 


Bede, the ole fella probably has Alzheimer's. I'll leave him alone for the rest of this WST forum. I am sorry, but I do have a weird sense of humor. I admit that. ☺ Bede, thanks for your mature advice over the years; I think I really getting it. I am not too big-headed to admit when I am wrong, to apologize to those I offended, and to own up to my errors, and not blame others, like Salmon Cupid, Claude Gonzales, and others do. Then there is the "king", who takes ego to a whole 'nother level. lol. Anyway, ah gone.


Ghost: Yuh making the peace with Bede -- make the peace with me too, nah man!!!

Pan King, it takes two to have a fight, the bigger man is the one that walk away. Why are you buying Salmons fight anyway ?


We are to small a group to have this kind of hate so thats why.

Pan King, hate affects the person that's doing the hating more than the one they hate. Ghost playing yuh like ah E-Pan.

you for real Pan King?...


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