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Well its that time of year again and we are all very excited rooting for the steelband that we love. PANORAMA the biggest steelpan event that all pan lovers come out for where steelpan is KING. With the new normal over the past recent years being that there is a big PARTY going on behind the NORTH STAND while PANORAMA is in full swing, I think that if they keep adding to that party and it continue to grow as it is, I am afraid that the Party will get bigger than the PANORAMA. As David Rudder said today on FB "Is anybody going to the Panorama pool party? There's live entertainment from soca artistes and there's also live pan action on the side." 

I do think that pantrinbago came up with a very good idea by doing this as it has become a ca$h cow and will also bring the non pan lovers out to a pan event BUT ......{pan is not the main thing}

I also think that it is a very good way to bring steelpan back into the party, in this case its really bring the party into steelpan BUT .......{panorama is not the main thing in the case}

Please everyone remember is all about the DOLLAR$ ... does not matter what is right, people always follow the dollars Pantrinbago is no different.Between the soca artistes Panorama will run. lol lol lol lol  

I will not say anything about the kind of instruments they use in the party behind the north stand. have we not talked about this on WST already ? I guess WST everybody listen.

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Patrick: Once upon a time pan ruled the road and all bands had many many supporters. But that was ONCE UPON A TIME, many years ago. You and Cecil want to FIXATE time, society, and PAN.

Revolution and Evolution is the nature of our Universe.

PAN IS THE MAIN THING that is drawing all these people to the GREENS.

I have some news for you. If Machel or Bunji decide to announce 'I going to jump in the pool at 10:00pm that night, well Claude Gonzales, the North stands will be empty. Every man jack will be heading to the 'greens' immediately, if not before. And the  gavin smith blogger, he will finish MACO anything on the 'greens' in the future. That will be his home.

Just call meh "Claude" nah. You and me could be real pardners. Ah ready to divorce Cecil and Bede and lime with you.

Claude? Are you a 'greens' man?

Patrick: Yuh trying to tie meh up in public!!! But since ah ask yuh to be meh new pardner and divorce Cecil, I will answer you.

YES!!! I support THE GREENS! Boy, ah have enemies on this forum and they will use this answer against me. But I does play mas so me eh fraid no powder.

But Pan went on a truck because things changed and people would rather WINE behind a truck instead of pushing  pan we cannot force peole to push pan. As a young person Pan meant something different to me/us than waht it means to a young person today. The LOVE is different. You have to take the emotion out of it and face the fact, we who pushed pan can no longer do that journey and like us it has to get on the truck, but it will never die "change" but not die. 

Sarah-Ann: You are a breath of fresh air on this forum!!!

Claude, breath of fresh air on the forum, with that statement fromSarah-Ann- so you agree to jump in a steelband on the road with all that diesel fumes and heavy truck engine making endless noise, no one can hear what the band playing. How can I support this?

Sarah-Ann, before the floats pan racks were tied together and pulled by a tractor no one had to push pan any more. The people that promote pan on a float are trying to tie-up the steelband with the music band.

The steelband is unique, why try to change that?

Cecil,putting pan on truck and tractor was a great plan to get steelbands off the road quickly so mas bands can flow and take over the streets.

Until Steel Bands and Pan Players unite this nonsense will continue: I think the name Panorama should be changed to "Pantrinbago all Inclusive Party" 

I repeat NO to the Greens! But what I get on the blog is ole talk, a cultural behaviour of Trinis--to avoid making decisions collaboratively. Or, perhaps the value of Respect has declined to Zero and Pan like almost every human thing experiences that today. I repeat NO to the Greens!


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