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Like RICHARD NIXON used to say: Let me make ONE THING PERFECTLY CLEAR -- I don't want NOBODY attacking MARCUS ASH on THIS FORUM!!!

I campaigned for MARCUS ASH in this last ELECTION and MARCUS ASH is an HONOURABLE MAN. So I don't want NOBODY criticizing that man. Now, I don't know the man PERSONALLY. Ah never see him LIVE IN THE FLESH, ah never meet him, ah never talk to him on the phone or nothing like that!!! But I have faith in that man as a PRODUCTIVE EXECUTIVE in PAN TRINBAGO.

The fault is NOT WITH MARCUS. The FAULT IS WITH BEVERLEY who is so obsessed with POWER and wants to MICROMANAGE down to the SOLE OF HER SHOES. So how could MARCUS be at his efficient best under this type of leadership.

And BEVERLEY is not PREPARED to lead a PROGRESSIVE 2020 PAN TRINBAGO. She does not have the IDEAS or the WORLD VIEW. When you combine that with POLITICAL AMBITION and her surreptitious use of THE PAN TRINBAGO PRESIDENCY as a stepping stone to NATIONAL POLITICS -- how could MARCUS ASH be as EFFECTIVE as we expected him to be under THAT YOKE.

So anybody who wants to come on THIS FORUM and point fingers at MARCUS ASH -- sure to get in trouble with me.!!!

BEVERLEY is the BIG OBSTACLE and she should be REPLACED ... if allyuh really WANT PAN TO PROGRESS!!!

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Claude:  I met Marcus when I was in Trinidad this year and he is such a focused young man.  He definitely wants pan to progress but I'm not sure if that is possible.  He needs to break free of Beverley's chain.

I assume that Beverley is holding the cards very close to her chest but she needs to delegate properly and to the right people.  Otherwise, the only people who will suffer is pan people.


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