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Fire Down Below
Towards the end of the 1950s Limbo, a dance from Trinidad and Tobago, had become closely associated with Steel Pan music. The dance had been popularized by Trinidadian dancer Julia Edwards after her company appeared in several films, in particular Fire Down Below from 1957. Her appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show cemented her popularity with American audiences. Hot on the heels of the Calypso Craze of 1956-1957, the popularity of Limbo in Britain and later America brought tourist to the Caribbean and Limbo, along with Steel Pan and Calypso, became a major part of the tourism package. Both Calypsonians and Pannist were fast to cash in on the latest dance craze.

The 1960s saw Steel Pan music increase in popularity. While the 1950s saw very few recordings of steel pan music, the 1960s saw three times as many releases. The majority

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