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"Full extreme" and Woman on de bass"..... winners everytime ! ISF, well done, great show !

Great concert!! So proud!!

This was great. I hope they bring a repeat since I miss part.
Brenda H.

Claude. I liked the entertainment provided for this event. Reminded me a lot like the previous endeavor..The Four Pillars of Steel.
But as you said there was not much that can be used to compile music for the global market. The Mecca does not realize that the world is ahead of them and they need to step up - big time - to the level of what we expats have been exposed to for quite a while now.
I felt that a couple tunes made me get up and dance around while, with the majority, I was content to sit, look and listen.
I am grateful to WST and Pan Times for providing over 22 bands under their ...pillars of steel offering.
Will I support this new organization? Of course, once they continue to improve and provided they give us expats something we could boast about.
Brenda H.

Brenda: How do you rate that show in your ENTIRE LIFE OF DEVOTION TO PAN?

The "Big 5" concert was excellent. It was both a concert and a "Blocko." It appears to have been well attended. An excellent range of music, tempos, and performances. Smooth transitions from band to band and the sound was very good. We need more, and perhaps include bands from south and Tobago. It was after all stage sides, so "Big 5" has connotations. Yeah, yeah, transportation and accommodations. Extremely glad it was streamed live and without cost (to me).

Good review, David!!!

I don't recall seeing Pantrinbago's top brass at the show tonight. I must admit, this was one awesome show. In my estimation, I'd say that there could have been in excess of Three Thousand (3,000) in attendance. Hats off to the organizers and Committee of ISF on the production and staging of this show. It was well oiled and flowed really smooth.

ISF Strong!!!  The show was fantastic!!!  Thoroughly enjoyable!!!!  From start to finish...


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