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De president ah Pan Trinbago eh have no message for the general steelband community?

This is the most BACKWARD and BANKRUPT post for the whole lockdown. What the president of Pan Trinbago said and nothing is de same damn thing. So she's proud of Renegades? The whole Pan World should be ashamed of this person called the president of the WORLD GOVERNING BODY FOR PAN.

Renegades does not need any promotion or endorsement from Beverley Ramsey Moore. The MEMBERSHIP needs to hear from her. What did SHE tell HER membership? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING When Steel talks! She said that she was taking off her hat as president of Pan Trinbago, what an idiot so many people call president and leader of the steelband world. SMFH.

Mrs Ramsey Moore, you should go to When Steel Talks and read "Dear Mrs Beverley Ramsey Moore Posted by Russell Providence on April 21, 2020 at 9:32pm. get an idea of how you should be addressing your GLOBAL membership in any virtual appearance you make. 

What a shameful or rather shameless appearance by the President of The World Governing Body For Pan. 

Kersh, I was really enjoying your performance and then you put Beverley centre stage … she put me right off.

Beverley, as the President of Pan Trinbago (cough, cough) hasn't actually done anything herself.  Instead, she wants to hang on the coat tails of her nephew.  Renegades do not need validation from Beverley. 

Absolutely disgraceful.  She's got no shame!!

Come to think of it, isn't she supposed to be social distancing?  This is not a time to be liming with your "fam"


Yes Kersh .......

play panman play


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