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Louise McIntosh - founder of the Pan Pipers Music School, passes

Trinidad and Tobago - Louise McIntosh, founder of the Pan Pipers Music School in St. Augustine, east Trinidad, passed away last Sunday, September 6. The institution has trained such musicians as Chantal Esdelle, Satanand Sharma and Kwame Ryan.

At Pan Pipers, youngsters were introduced to several instruments including pan, piano, flute and violin; McIntosh entered a mixed ensemble in Trinidad & Tobago's biannual music festival, having pan compete against other conventional instruments. This move in 1976 was a very radical one, and the music festival organisers tried to have Louise's students disqualified.

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Yes, she was dedicated to the music and enjoyed teaching her students. She was always very proud when they did well. My Mom/Auntie will be missed. Pat Drayton-Hare.
Mr Harel,

I will be doing a tribute to Ms Mc Intosh on TalkCity 91.1 FM Radio on on Sunday 13 September.
TalkCity streams at "ctntworld.com"
I am inviting those who knew Ms McIntosh to call-in and pay tribute. You can telephone Talk City at 622 4911. Will be pleased to hear from you.
The tribute will run from 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Short Pants
I was truly saddened by Louise McIntosh's passing. In Tunapuna, Mis McIntosh as I should be calling her, had quite an influence on me as a young musician. We lived on Bowen Street and she was on Niles Street and our parents both worked to the T&T Railway. Miss McIntosh was way ahead of a lot of music teachers in Trinidad and was one who always bucked the system--successfully many times, and the powers that be in Trinidad were not always ready for the kind of change she envisioned. I often sought her advice as a young classical pianist and she was always encouraging.

Orville Wright
Madame Louise Macintosh like our other ancestor Duke Ellington recognized the significant need for the Music Academy as the rightful place to develop, train and express talent rather than in bars, juke joints and rum shops where young minds and souls are more vulnerable to corruption and their skills corroded by alcohol, narcotics and nefarious characters.
Her model must be replicated here in New York. Every public school used to have a music department, but now many have been phased out which has resulted in a top heavy emphasis on academics rather than a balance curriculum with equal parts of physical education, art and academics.
Therefore, more than ever, there is a dire need for the independent Music School with a caring staff dedicated to nurturing those of any age or station who want to master any and all of the steel pan instruments.
it's always sad when someone dies but when that someone is one of the contributor to pan family it;s harder RIPLouise
Sat-Nam[I salute the Truth in you]...On behalf of Parry's Pan School.Tacarigua,T&T...I would like to extend condolences to the immediate members of Ms MacIntosh's Family & the Extended Pan Family. She was a shining example, for sincere Teachers of our children to follow. ASE!!!
Ontario Steelpan Association extends sincere condolences to the family of Miss Louise McIntosh. The steelpan movement has lost a true pioneer and visionary. May eternal rest be hers!
Hi Everyone,

I too am saddened by the passing especially since I came to know Ms Mc Intosh and her vision for young musicians. Her dedication and commitment to her work was tremendous.

I will be doing a tribute to her on TalkCity 91.1 FM Radio on on Sunday 13 September.

TalkCity streams at "ctntworld.com"

I am inviting those who knew Ms McIntosh to call-in and pay your own personal tribute. The staion's number is 622 4911.

Will be pleased to hear from you.

The tribute will run from 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Short Pants
Miss McIntosh was for the most part responsible for harnesting my talent and peaking my interest in and love for music. I would forever be grateful for her kindness, care and ecouragement shown to me. She was my music teacher, a mom and an inspiration. I know she was an inspiration to all with whom she interacted. Thank you Miss Mc.!

Our prayers and thoughts are with the family, especially Linda and Lystra.

Mrs. Bekoe and Ama
I'm very distraught right now because I just found out(Yesterday) that my favourite music teacher in the world passed away. My experience with Ms.McIntosh is beyond words. She was the grandmother that I never had, (in my entire life). At this moment I'm feeling very infuriated and sad at the same time. Therefore, it's emotionally impossible to express my wonderful memories of Ms. McIntosh. All I could say is this......Ms McIntosh, if you're listening to this comment from heaven, please know that I love you and miss you very much. You will always be my guardian angel.


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