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Is it the bad economy or the crime or the lowered Government assistance or the EVENT in general?

It would be nice if KEITH DIAZ told us how many people attended the PANORAMA FINALS. But that would create some problems for him and Forteau ... imagine in this day and age THAT NUMBER is a BIG SECRET.

Well, when THE CIP takes over this year (HA! HA! HA!) I expect them to bring some TRANSPARENCY to the management of the organization.

Anyway, I am waiting for the highlight of MY CARNIVAL when Doctor Dolly goes before the media tomorrow and announces: WE HAD A VERY SUCCESSFUL CARNIVAL!!!

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The best ever, ent?

More of a concern for those supporting pan on the road, must be the fact that after 52 years a veiled threat made in the heat of the moment, “Starlift people must play mas in Woodbrook”, it finally came to pass. As the band was at the SOCADROME in the Jean Pierre complex. Not that there was a threat to the band this year that I know of.

For those of you who may not know, those words were uttered by the late Winston Bruce (Dr. Rat) after an altercation near Invaders yard I think in the mid 60s. Many of my friends in Starlift were worried, some weren’t. Me however from Oxford Street, our back yard was La Cour Harp where some of the Lawbreakers (the gang associated with Renegades in those days) played cards and drank, took it all with a pinch of salt mixed with excitement.

While Despers accompanied a band and Exodus another could this be the start of a new trend where because of a lack of young support steelbands may abandon the streets for a more confined space if only to reach a larger audience. I hope it works out.

It was good to see All Stars “Sailors ashore in Mexico” ruling the Savannah stage for at least an hour or more. Such was the size of the band. Also Harmonites with very large racks and lots of youngsters playing pan also putting on a good show.

Unfortunately, the whole thing was marred by Ctv stopping for adverts and play whe results, not to mention those very boring comedy show trailers.

I may even go so far as to say the pendulum is about to swing back in favour of the steelband.

Or is it just wishful thinking?

I make this statement.

The steelband is the most viable part of T&T culture , bar none.

For the Trinidad Carnival to survive and thrive , a way must be found to make the steelband the centerpiece of that carnival in some form., not just a sideshow.

And I must reiterate to Claude and others , this does not necessarily mean doing things the same way we did them fifty years ago.

It is why I make the comparison to the samba schools of Brazil 

You may chose to agree or disagree , but I will go to my grave believing it

The alarming stories about people being robbed in jouvert bands disturbs be very much. I have attended New York Labour Day twice and although I still find it comical, I believe that we need to take a page out of their book and start detailing police to accompany all bands on the road. Especially for jouvert.

"and although I still find it comical"

Merrytonestothebone: You should  expand on that line!!! Terry Joseph wrote an article on the Foreign TT Carnivals one time that was very much on point (for this cynic at least). And that line triggered the memory of that article.

Nah is just that at that time I felt that such heavy security in a jouvert was unnecessary...but with this recent carnival I surely feel differently...I remember seeing on my first jourvert morning in NY, an ambulance called out for a drunk panman...he had to beg them to accept that he was ok and to leave him alone...but hey...those are the standards that people in big developed countries live by I suppose...

That was comical!!! I like that story!!! But we sort of had the same experience with the police. Went back to Brooklyn after a number of years and when the band start to move with all dem police surrounding the band it was like I cyar enjoy mehself with all dem police surrounding me ... and then ah next voice say: But yuh safe what you worried about.

My highlight moment from the whole Carnival was when VANESSA HEADLEY was asked about bringing her band on the road for Carnival and she said emphatically: "My players eh PUSHING NO PAN ON THE ROAD!!!"

All dem Carnival Videos I see from all dem Global Carnivals -- it look like everything on TRUCK!!!

But she talk a piece ah chupidness on Finals night when she suggested that there aren't enough players for steelbands...when in fact too many steelbands are allowed to compete in Panorama as it exists today...but that is another story entirely...

merrytonestothebone: I heard that loud and clear when she said it: She said that there were not enough players and she had to bring in a few (CRACKSHOTS: I take it!!!).

You came to my mind when she said that. And Cecil and Glenroy came to my mind with the other quote.

EXPATS doh live in TRINIDAD and we doh know what the hell is going on so we should stay out of the LOCAL PEOPLE PAN BUSINESS!!!

Merrytones , when I see Naparima College students beating pan , I'm convinced that there are more pan players in T&T than in anytime in our history.

Not to mention , foreign players.

All ths talk about not enough players is nonsense , when many of the young people in steelbands today come from families who would never have allowed them in panyards back in my day , which was the heyday of the big steelbands.

In my day , "college boys " like Bobby Mohamed (Presentation ) and our arranger Michael Alleyene ( St. Benedicts ) were rare in steelbands , at least in south.

Even I didn't beat pan until after I left school.

And I agree with you , too many little steelbands exist just to capitalize on the panorama check.

And BTW there were also so few female players that the handful of girls playing pans back then were very noticeable. 

Probably the reason why Scrunter's Woman on the Bass " was such a hit.

Even then , in the eighties women were still relatively few in steelbands.

Don't tell me there aren't enough players , with all those attractive young ladies playing pans :)


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