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Madd bout de Music and Asami too -- Len "Boogsie" Sharpe

Len "Boogsie" Sharpe on stage for Panorama 2016 Finals

Ok when I first heard about Asami tears came to my eyes. Here is someone who has embraced our culture and is helping to spread it to the world. This is not good for Trinidad and Tobago and Japanese relations. Both Trinidad and Tobago and Japan are a very welcoming people. Like the Japanese we treat people nice when outsiders come to our country. We have to find a way to fix this. The police have to look good. If the killer used their hands, there has to be some way to find DNA or finger prints on her neck. Come on in this day and age.

The killer must be brought to justice. -- Len "Boogsie" Sharpe

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The work ethics in our country often fail us. It is present everywhere, so that we have become accustomed to delays and missteps even in the most serious of investigations. Too many who committed the crime of murder are on the loose. I do wish that the perpetrators of all, including Asami, who suffered that fate, be brought into the public eye for jurisdiction.

I thank Asami for the love.

Thank you for speaking out publicly on this horrible tragedy, Boogsie.  Our hearts (in the international community, as well as in Trinidad)  go out to the family and friends of Asami in Japan and in Trinidad or her brutal murder, and like you, we hope for a speedy process to bring her killer to justice.  

Perhaps your voice as a leader would motivate your colleagues and the pan community as a whole not only to call for justice for Asami but also to play an on-going role in speaking out against the alarming spiral in violent crime among youth of the nation, which is damaging the country and its reputation internationally.  It is sad that an increasing number of nationals of T&T living abroad are afraid to come home with their families for Carnival or for other occasions for fear of becoming victims of crime.

Perhaps the voice of the pan community could also extend to working within communities and with other institutions to create opportunities for young people who may be on the pathway to a life of crime. This could help them to turn around their lives and become productive and successful members of society. Steel bands already do that to some extent by the involvement of youth as players. Other kinds of programs led by steel bands in local communities may be possible with financial support from government, if people can put their heads together on this. 

Hopefully, Asami's death will not become the usual statistic, forgotten after a few weeks of outrage, but will be a real turning point in our collective commitment to do something about this wanton disregard for human life in our country. In this way, her true legacy will be established in the country which she loved, and in which she lost her life.   


Lloyd McKell, Toronto

Good to hear from you too Lloyd!!!



What is not good for Trinidad and Tobago is the lost of value for human life and the absence of justice for perpetrators of crime.

This crime is unusual in that the victim cannot be connected to the perpetrator in the usual way: drug deal gone bad, gang warfare, territory, money etc, but for sure she is connected to her killer. Which means somebody out there knows something.

The Japanese 'sisters' who come here to play pan are serious musicians and usually travel around together or with persons they trust. They don't drink and carouse like we do and that is why those three friends decided, after years of coming here to play pan, that they would play 'mas' for the first time ever.

That young lady was lured and killed probably by some one she knew and trusted. It cannot be too difficult to figure out who it was.

One small consolation, other than the fact that her death has brought so many other things to the fore, is that since the last turnover of government, serious crimes seem to have been coming to some kind of conclusion. In fact only two murders so far have not resulted in at least someone being arrested for the crimes.

Whether or not they will be convicted and when is another story, but I have some hope that this one will be solved.

Someone has to talk.

Wayne, is it true that someone has been arrested for all but two murders? That would be something worth celebrating in the midst of the mayhem. Now the question will be how many will make it to trial and how many of those would be convicted. Let's see how things go.

"Since the last turnover of government, serious crimes seem to have been coming to some kind of conclusion. In fact only two murders so far have not resulted in at least someone being arrested for the crimes?" Wayne, please tell me that you are dreaming and that you do NOT live in T&T? NO CRIME SINCE SEPTEMBER 7TH 2015 HAS COME TO ANY CONCLUSION AND IN FACT VERY FEW PEOPLE HAVE BEEN QUESTIONED AND LET GO!!! STOP SPREADING BLASTED RUMOURS!!!

Ann S.Mc: This is a PNM FORUM where partisan D-E-L-U-S-I-O-N RULES!!!

The Prime Minister (Dr. Keith Rowley) recently pointed to the  TEN PER CENT detection rate in murders and yet people are coming on this forum and stating that this crime will be solved. WOW!!!

Yup Claude, and THAT is the reality with which we're dealing. No amount of pleading or praying can change 10% to 72% in a hurry.

Claude Gonzales,,,,why are you so d---- negative. We all are praying for justice to be done ,and you just running your mouth like a real hater. STOP. I did not know the young lady,but it really put a hurt on me,just thinking of how far she came from,TO PLAY PAN IN OUR COUNTRY AND LOOK WHAT HAPPENED. I SINCERELY HOPE AND PRAY THAT THE POLICE FIND THAT CREEP AND BRING HIM OR HER TO JUSTICE WITH A QUICKNESS. BLESSINGS.


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