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When Steel Talks extends congratulations to Mangrove Steel and Andre White on capturing the 2011 UK Panorama Championship

  1. Mangrove Steel Band - 275
  2. Ebony Steelband Trust - 274
  3. CSI Steelband Trust - 267
  4. Croydon Steel Orchestra -251
  5. London All Stars - 244
  6. RASPO -229

click to see video of performance

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Unofficial Results
  1. Mangrove Steel Band
  2. Ebony Steelband Trust
  3. CSI Steelband Trust
  4. Croydon Steel Orchestra
  5. London All Stars
  6. RASPO
HUGE congrats to Mangrove Steel Band and Andre White!! Keep up the good work.
Congratulations to you Andre, keep it up and New York next
Congratulations to the Mangrove Steel Band and also to Andre White. You guys have the chemistry going. Keep it up and continue pushing forward. This goes to show the old heads in pan that all is not lost. There are some youthful, energetic, and talented arrangers presently doing what they love to do. I'm extremely happy they are getting their opportunities to share their voices with the world. Congrats to Andre and Mangrove once again.
Peace and Blessings!
Congrats Andre

Congratulations Mangrove, It is god to get reward for hard work./ CONGRATULATIONS

I love it that tne monotony of Ebony is broken but I beleive that next year is vengeance LOL. What has happened to all the other Pan Side in London? There are a few bands missing here, ==Pantonic ther other band from Tottenham I will remember their name at some point, there are at least six namesmissing from the list of entrants.

Congrats to Mangrove and Andre.  Great win.  With judges the like of Annise ‘Halfers’ Hadeed, Nestor Sullivan, Ray Holman, Robert Bailey and Rudy ‘Two Lef’ Smith this win will be even more special.


Annise ‘Halfers’ Hadeed, Nestor Sullivan, Ray Holman, Robert Bailey and Rudy ‘Two Lef’ Smith.

Congrats to Mangrove and to Andre on his  first of many to come. Looking fwd to Brooklyn - - - and of course your return to the Mecca in T&T next year ! 

Hope to lear the performance as soon as it's uploaded.

Congrats to Mangrove,but moreso congrats are in order for Iman Pascall, who made her debut as an arranger for RASPO.   We will be hearing more from her in the future.   Remember "Boogsie" took 15 years to win a Panorama, and he did not make an impact in his early years.



Hi Iman, just wanted to give you a shout out.  Sorry that it did not work out in you favor your first time out.  Do not hang your head, as many,many of the arrangers that went on to become legends, started out exactly like you.  This is nothing but a learning experience.  You will be a better arranger for this.  Learn all you can from this experience and you will be back stronger next year.  Peace!

TO ALL YOU JOKERS OUT THERE, you better step up to the plate and show this lady some love and encouragement.  Because, she is definitely one to watch.  I just have the feeling that in a few years she is going to be a force to contend with.  MARK MY WORDS!


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