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Mangrove Steelband Makes It Title Ten In UK Panorama Triumph With Arranger André White - 2019 UK Panorama Results

London, United Kingdom - In almost a year to the day, Mangrove Steelband copped its tenth UK Panorama title on Saturday August 24, 2019. The sweetness of Savannah Grass (played by three of the six orchestras) as musically envisioned by champion arranger André White and performed by Mangrove, proved irresistible not just for pan music lovers, but also apparently to the judges, going by the results. This victory makes it title number ten for the defending champions and the third UK triumph for the New York-based André White. This year, performing artist and arranger in his own right Leon Foster Thomas drilled, and drummed for, Mangrove. Exuberance was evident, with both the players and audience euphoric during and after the performance.

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Congratulations to all for a successful panorama year.

Brenda H.


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