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Manning and Arnold fiddle while Pan Home burns before it's built

This is why we need a steelpan museum and theatre in Trinidad.

50 years from now no one in Europe would even guess Trinidad invented pan.
But ask yourself, do you ever stop to think who invented the sax or violin?

This band from Finland can hold their own against any young Trinidad Steel Band?


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I think that all serious European players know who they are endebted to for the great gift that is pan. Most of us are constantly saving up enough funds to enable us to visit Trinidad and perhaps play in a "real" band. We have some great bands here, but no-one can ever take away the heritage of TnT. Although there is still lots of work to be done, there are already books and theses written about pan and its history (for example those by Stephen Steumpfle and Shannon Dudley, Erroll Hill etc....)
True, I don't dispute aficionados of the steel pan would have done some research into the origin of pan but my worry is that the novelty will eventually wear off.

Now after a few generations, one can see the blurring of history taking shape. I'm not being too pessimistic but if the people of T & T had in place something tangible which can be marketed on a tourism level the world would have a "Mecca" to visit.

It is still early days and as such most schools, colleges etc. around the world will be cognisant of the facts behind the steelpan.

The test would be 3 or 4 generations from now. When the art of making a steelpan is common knowledge and the outlets selling the instrument grow, how will the few books on the subject be underpinned by having a marketable destination to visit?

Trinidad has already lost a great chunk of original recordings from the 1950s and 60s.

These, when taken in context, were remarkable years considering the socio-economic background from which the art-form flourished.

Social stigma and bad press surrounded the bands in those days.

Today young and old alike are seen playing together.

I can see present is not a problem but the future must be planned.

Failing to plan is planning to fail.

We need a physical representation that can be visited and appreciated by all.



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