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Good Day, to whom it may concern. The word "marketing" keeps coming up in  the vocabulary of those  who have the idea that Pan is an industry. It is not; it is an art form and a proud culture of a people. Many people have got wind of the money market. Most of those people don't play Pan but continue to preach the advancement of the instrument in the light that there's money to be made.

One must consider that the Steel Pan is in its infant stages compared to other instruments of the world, that is, if it is considered an instrument of the World. Can anyone say when the Saxophone, Piano, Violin, Oboe,Guitar, and the many other world recognized instruments were marketed? These instruments had to be demonstrated in many ways to prove their usability in different types of music. This way the instrument is allowed to grow to it's full potential as an instrument in music and not based on it's value as a product for sale. This is the evolution of an instrument.

The idea that all TT musicians should be required to have pan on all their recordings is ridiculous! Music making is very personal and so too are the instruments with which one chooses to orchestrate one's original creation. Pan is in the process of spreading worldwide. You find it in rock, jazz, pop, movie scores, etc. Once demand does rise for the instruments, those READY to take advantage will be the ones to make money. Unfortunately, that will not necessarily be people from where the instrument originated.

Again I must stress the Pan is in it's infant stages, compared to the other instruments mentioned above. Those instruments took hundreds of years to be where they are today. We must first learn to accept the art form as Culture, an education that we have never been taught as colonials, and take time to develop with less criticism for own kind if we are to see positive strides for ourselves as a people.  A. Joseph, Panman (Tuner)


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I really don't see what's wrong with getting a people to use their own instruments to accompany their music, especially those that compose music to be played on  that same instrument.

Well said, man.  Most of us talk about "marketing" pan and the attending frustrations. But are we talking "pan" as in the music of the steel orchestra?  Or are we talking "pan" as in the instrument(s)?  Both aspects of a cultural art form.  You promote culture; you market product.

Firstly Ms. Lusk, thanks for voicing your opinion, which you are entitled to (excuse my grammar). Secondly, let me clarify my opinion, as I can only speak for myself. Pan is an musical instrument. It is part of our culture; an "art form", if you will. However, consider: should "culture" (music, musical instruments, recordings, etc.) be given away freely? Are you suggesting that people involved in the "pan art form", not seek "industry". The Mona Lisa is a work of art; have you seen the price of the original lately? Dunking a basketball, for that matter, is an “art form”, but that didn’t stop Michael Jordan from marketing “His Airness”. Air Jordan.

If pan is not an “industry”, then why are we seeing pan manufacturers all over the world? Are they promoting an “art form”, or capitalizing on what they consider an untapped industry? Have you visited Pan Yard, Inc’s website lately? I realized it was an “industry”, the first time I was in Brooklyn, and being hawked by bootleggers selling Panorama finals videos, just hours after the finals. Somebody’s making money, and where you have money making, you have an “industry”. Ask Lambert and FCL Financial, the “Greens” consultants, who are cashing checks in the amounts of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Ask Chief Diaz, the convenient “African” Pan Trinbago leader, and his luxury car driving executive if it’s wrong to have the “art form” bless hard-working, poor, dedicated panmen and panwomen as it has blessed his new “executive” of BMW and Benz-driving “chieftains”.

Sister, again, you are free to see it for what you see it for. As for me I don’t just talk the talk, I walk the walk, and been playing the instrument (for free and for fair fee) for over twenty-five years now. I admit, I like “fair fee” better. If it were not an industry, there would be no need for any university programs. A pan player now has viable vocation options, at least here in the United States. A pan player, after all, is a musician, and like ALL musicians, yearn and deserve the opportunity to be able to carve out a “decent” living and have a chance to accumulate a “decent” amount of retirement savings, doing what they love. In comparison, can you imagine, what job LaBron James would be holding today and how much he’d be making, if the mindset was, “basketball is only a sport”? (Which it is.) I remember when “Extreme Sports” wasn’t even considered “sports”. Now the money they make just from the gear is in the multi-millions of dollars. So, I agree with you and I disagree with you. Pan is an “art form” with an untapped “industry”. Well, except for those who tapping. Like Chief Diaz, and FCL’s Lambert, and others who probably would tell you: “Art from? Yuh like de shape ah meh X5? Dat is ART FORM!” Peace.

GHOST. Who Knows An “Industry” When He Sees One. (Look for the BMW and Benz. And the big checks.)

BTW - To ALL the panmen and panwomen in the South Florida area: PLEASE don't market yourselves. I need the extra work, plus, if I overbook, I can always sub-contract it out to another artist. Art form? Call it what you want; just call me, and pay me. We do great work! http://www.reverbnation.com/davidrasdgoddard


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