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Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - Carnival mas band designers, bandleaders, artisans, musicians and others involved in what is defined as works of mas will from now enjoy copyright protection for their respective creations and productions.

This was stated by the vice president/commissioner of compliance at the Trinidad and Tobago Copyright Collection Organisation (TTCO), Richard Cornwall, at the launch of the TTCO's new area of copyright protection known as Works of Mas.

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(Picture caption:  TTCO president, left, Vijay Ramlal, Annabella Davis, legal adviser, and Mahindra Satram, NCDF chairman, display an agreement during the launch of the Trinidad and Tobago Copyright Collection Organisation at the Cruise Ship Complex, Wrightson Road, Port of Spain)



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Great step forward in the right direction for all the creative minds in TnT and they are thousands!!!. This protection of the intellectual property of mas men and women is long,long,long overdue! The next major step is to develop a world class Works of Mas historical museum that chronicles ALL aspects of mas, how it has changed and reflected Trinidadian society. Those of you who have visited the Smithsonian or Holocaust museums, would appreciate the value of preserving and displaying your Works of Mas for Trinidadian generations to come, and as a major tourist attraction  for ALL the world to see.

Marlon Francis

Barbadian Science Educator

Louisville, KY,USA

finally. yes!

Yeah!!!!!!! we are moving forward, :)  what a great pity and regretful situation that we are decades too late for our most precious creative musical invention of the 20th century........our PAN :(  Although happy and proud to see and read about the spread and the ingenius way that the International advertising world now includes the sweetest music not only for the background of their ads but also the accompaniment of country songs and some pop!!

BIG beef though that it is being categorzed as the music of the Caribbean and not the sounds of Trinidad, the birthplace of the "pan"

I totally agree with your point on the Pan. However, as Caribbean people we just don't appreciate the value of our indigenous artifacts. We always seem to have to wait until someone from "over- in- away" endorse us. For over 50 years the Pan has been a source artistic/musical expression for many individuals and I agree with you that pan music should be recognized as sounds of T'dad. PanTrinbago has to get its act together and take the lead and responsibility for fully protecting and guarding the future of Pan.


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