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“...I wish I would have understood fuller it would be people’s unwillingness to accept that change is coming. As a woman I’ve had to fight a lot of misogyny and sexism throughout my entire musical career and that’s just to have a spot at the table. I know that I'll have to fight a lot harder if I want to have any voice of consequence in the pan world.” –– Alyssa Reynolds

Tuner and panist Alyssa Reynolds shares her steelpan history as she talks about her passion for playing and tuning instruments of Pan in an exclusive interview with Ms. Aisha Joseph.

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We tend to forget ONE THING ""Which is that we as men came into this World because if WOMEN" RESPECT DUE FOR THAT ""BECAUSE AH NEVA C A MAN MEL A PIKNIE YET " the TRUTH and Logic"if my comment does not fit the readers ears ""kindly move on "Be Safe and God Bless "figure it out 


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