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Celebration of Women and the Steelpan Art Form

Angel LawrieWisconsin, USA - “With reference to using the steelpan instrument in working with those challenged by autism spectrum disorder and ADHD: “The steel drum is my number one choice of instrument with working with clients on the spectrum. I have worked with both adults and children. The steel drum allows me to physically help my clients transform as well as emotionally.....There is no doubt that the steel pan keeps the attention of my students. However, the steel pan also allows me to achieve success faster than a traditional instrument. I am able to reach a place of understanding and accomplishment with them rather comfortably, and then the rewards can continue to expand and grow.”

Angel Lawrie has found her joy and life calling in the steelpan instrument. Whether performing live herself or changing the lives of her students one musical therapy session at a time, she thrives in all her preferred elements. In an exclusive interview with When Steel Talks - Ms. Lawrie lets it be known that Pan is not just a hobby for her, but her way of life.

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