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Meet Anthony Williams - Master Steelpan Innovator and Leader - Up close! An exclusive When Steel Talks interview with Anthony “Tony” Williams

Meet Anthony Williams - Master Steelpan Innovator and Leader -
Up close!
An exclusive When Steel Talks interview with Anthony “Tony” Williams

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - In this fascinating exclusive When Steel Talks interview - the legendary steelpan innovator and leader of Pan Am North Stars, in his own voice, takes us on his own personal journey with the steelpan instrument - with facts, dates, places, influences, names and even in song - as he declares he will “set the record straight as there is a lot of falsification as it relates to him in the papers.” Even now, many years later, the genius and brilliance of Anthony Williams shine through. His attention to detail and incredible memory is amazing. Listen to him tell us how and why in his own voice - his humor, his wit, his intellect, his exceptional musical knowledge and description of his scientific approach to problem solving. As he explains you realize his marriage of astrology, philosophy, numerology, math and science put him in unique group of thinkers and innovators.

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Dr Anthony "Skip or Muffman" Williams is one of my mentors and I give thanks to him for his contribution to the Steel Pan. Why is he not given a Doctorate to his name, as I call him. Take him to the schools and other musical Institutions at a price so he could be known to the Nation and have the opportunity to past on his legacy. His life is all about the music, but no we have him at his home just living the nostalgia. That is not blessings to a gifted and blessed human being. Come on people with the way forward for our culture. It is all about marketing the steel Pan here in T&T. I would also like to add to the history books and the public at-large.The majority of his accomplishments from the Spider Web now known as the 4ths and 5ths Tenor Pan to his gifted musical arrangements were all done at my birthplace #59 Bombay Street, St James Port of Spain T&T. I, Kenneth Clarke am the youngest musician Five and Six Bassist to have the opportunity to be part of the Pan Am Jet North Stars Steel Orchestra history from Panorama win and travels with the band during the 60ths.  

Thanks again When Steel Talk for you blessed job.

Kenneth Clarke

Why is only Jit can be called DOCTOR is it prejudice or racism.

I agree we should have ALL the great tuners, arrangers, etc. touring the schools (including UTT) telling their stories, explaining their skills and their times.


Hey Clarkey, u forgetting Robert "bullet" Thwaites or what, he was there since 1962 with "Voices of Spring", at the age of 10 years old, don't forget that... 

When was this interview conducted? Thanks to Mr. Williams  and WST for this gem, will always cherish it. Yes, I second Kenneth Clarke's suggestion, we should start a petition to accomplish it. Blessings. P.S. My last visual of Tony Williams was on stage in ah wheelchair at the 2012 Dimanche Gras accepting an award.

Thanks again Glenford

The man has never been given his full, due recognition. Truth be told, he might just be the one most responsible for the  structured harmonic sound of the modern steel orchestra.

HOW true Masai...

Thanks again for this ad. I would like to add to my comment, that the gentleman in the photo above with Dr Williams is another genius that is not recognized for his contribution to the Steel Pan Culture. Dr Herman Rock Johnson (decease). He work with Dr Williams and went on to form his own band West Side Symphony. After they go the sponsorship of BWIA, the name of the band was changed to BWIA Sun Jets Steel Orchestra. I also forward my thanks to the band for having my services in the 60s touring to Radio City Music Hall to name a few. 

kenneth Clarke


   I am a St james boy grew up with tony Muffman williams we both attended the mucurapo boys R C school

   this musical genius steelpan inovator composer we have to cherish & take very good care of him 


       Thanks to When Steel Talks for your work

        Gilbert Noel

Once again:  Re name Bombay Street to Tony Williams Avenue

Excellent excellent idea. I could not agree more. "Anthony Williams Avenue" That's how we keep our legends in the history books.


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