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Meet Billy Cobham - Composer, Producer, Educator Legendary Drummer and Performing Artist - UpClose!

New York, USA - In an exclusive interview with When Steel Talks, drummer extraordinaire Billy Cobham speaks on his life-long relationship with the steelpan instrument and the cultural influences from childhood to adult that have impacted his music and life.

His history is with the Afro-West Indian community and Latin community. And unflinching honesty is one of his policies. The drumming virtuoso lays it out in this interview, in his own words.

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Been a fan of Billy Cobham for years and years and never knew he played the pan.

Wayne, Junior Gill also plays pan with him, I saw a pic of his instrument it's the most beautiful pan I've seen and this was from 2004 .     

1981. Riazzino, Switzerland. Billy Cobham (drums); Mike Stern (guitar); Michal Urbaniak (violin); Gil Goldstein (keyboards); and Tim Landers (bass). Song written by Billy Cobham.

Just plain WOW!  I've been following Billy Cobham since the 60's when he played with John McLaughlin and The Mahavishnu Orchestra.  He is such a spectacular drummer...reminds me of a locomotive rumblin' down the tracks!  I NEVER knew he played pan.  In fact I was wondering why WST was featuring his interview.  What a wonderful surprise!! Just another talent to add to his repertoire and reason to love him.  Bad ass ALL THE WAY!! Thank you for sharing and showcasing his amazing talent.  Bravo WST!!  Cheers!!

Hi Lucyna

Billy Cobham is a monster.  Cobham, like Kid Creole, Max Roach and a few others all have some fantastic life stories involving pan.


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