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Part Two -- Meet Dave LaBarrie - Panist, Arranger, Educator and Administrator & Member of the famed 1967 T&T National Steelband - UpClose!

Global - He is a scholar, an intellect, a musician and a coach - just to name a few. Indeed, depending on when you crossed his multifaceted life, met or engaged him - the name Dave LaBarrie will ring differently to you. He’s been an assistant high school principal, basketball coach, T&T steelband association and band administrator and New York Panorama winner.

Dave LaBarrie

In an exclusive interview with When Steel Talks, Dave LaBarrie shares his significant and considerable history with Pan and more.
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Claude , for some reason in life I have been very fortunate to be put in places where I was able to get a variety of experiences, and observe a lot of human behavior.

So , just for you , here is another anecdote about the demise of a steelband , caused by touring.

I had left Trini at the time , but in the early seventies my band WASA Silvertones got an opportunity to go on tour.

At that time the band's captain was a guy called Maylin Zephrine.

He was not your typical captain, but was a soft-spoken , nice guy and a great band leader under whose captaincy the band had achieved a measure of success.

Plus , the band practiced on the Zephrine's property.

Anyway , there was this tour and so the band voted , since only a certain number of places were available.

And of course , being panmen , and led by crack-shot double second player Teddy ( Teddy Loco ) Belgrave (not the popular writer , but a long time band member and "semi-badjohn" from Sando ), guess what?

Because Maylin was an average panman , not a "crackshot" ,  they voted to leave him behind !

See how we operate?

I know our people well ,and that is why bad shit happens to us.

So , what do you think happens next ?

The beginning of the end of Silvertones !

NICE STORY, GLENROY. I could read a 1000 TRINI STORIES (PAN AND CALYPSO) like that and never get tired!!!

I pushed many steelbands on the road past 1968.  Matter off fact, the year I migrated to foreign (1975), I was still pushing pan.  I came home many times and it was not until 1982, I sensed a noticeable decline, but that year I pushed pan again.  These days, they are stage sides on Big Trucks, so no more need to push pan, instead I take a jump up or chip along, because I still love the sound of the steelpan. 


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