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Meet Earl Brooks Jr. - Performing Artist, Instructor, Arranger - UpClose!

Earl Brooks Jr.

New York, USA - “The instrument is amazing as is; however, it’s the organizations and people of power that give it the wrong attention.” - Earl Brooks Jr.

The name “Brooks” resonates deep and loud in the world of Pan. There is the iconic Earl Brooks Sr., and his son Earl Brooks Jr. who has charted his own lane to greatness. Moreover Brooks Jr. has secured his props the old-fashioned way - he earned it.

With a touch as smooth as felt, like Muhammad Ali - he can float like a butterfly or sting like a bee, as he executes the most challenging of musical passages. Indeed, the thoughtful and forward-thinking Earl Brooks, Jr. through his experiences, musical excellence and competence, brings a lot to the table. And this bodes well for the next generation of steelpan musicians.  Earl Brooks Jr. talks succinctly about his love for pan, his dad Earl Brooks, Sr., and more, in this exclusive When Steel Talks interview.
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Yuh big Mr. Brooks! Respect and love...



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